Club Fathom is no more. Or, rather, the name is no more.

Mosaic Church pastor Tim Reid has removed the name Fathom from the signs on the Market Street church and is updating the Web site, as well.

However, Mr. Reid said the name change doesn't mean the youth outreach programs and concerts at Mosaic Church will end.

"Mosaic is just outreach, missions, the church, one thing," he said. "We're doing it all as the Mosaic Church."

A city spokesman isn't convinced the name change will alleviate the problems with violence and rowdy young people that came to a head earlier this summer outside the club.

"Just because he changed the name doesn't mean he changed behavior," said Richard Beeland, spokesman for Mayor Ron Littlefield. "They need to change the behavior of the club and the actions taking place outside. Regardless of where the violence takes place, he's responsible for it because it's coming from people in his club."

Club Fathom and the Mosaic Church came under fire several weeks ago when Mr. Littlefield said he was targeting the downtown church. City officials attributed youth violence to the large crowds that left Club Fathom after concerts.

In August, the mayor said he was watching the club closely and would take it to court to shut it down as a nuisance if any more violent incidents occurred near it or in nearby parking lots.

Mr. Reid agreed to halt the youth weekend night activities through the summer but resumed them when school started.

He said he is not trying to be disrespectful, and he wants the support of the mayor's office and the city.

"I'm not trying to fight back by trying to reach out to the urban youth," Mr. Reid said. "I just feel like as my faith in Christ, I'm called to reach out to what I see, and as a church, we look for the people that seem to be neglected and overlooked."

The pastor also disputed references to Fathom as a club, calling it the outreach portion of the church. Bands routinely performed on Friday and Saturday nights, attracting a crowd who might not otherwise hear the Gospel, he said.

Mr. Reid has said he can't control what happens to patrons when they leave the club.

Since the hoopla, Mr. Reid quietly has continued the church's ministry -- including youth outreach programs and concerts -- without problems, he said.

But he banished the name Fathom so as not to confuse people who classify Mosaic Church and Fathom differently, he said.

"I guess because a regular person not involved in church or spiritual things thinks there's a different thing between worship and outreach," Mr. Reid said. "And as a pastor, I see it clearly that it is one and the same."

The mayor's office continues to monitor the establishment, Mr. Beeland said.