Student faces gun charges

A juvenile male student at Howard School of Academics and Technology was charged Wednesday with having a weapon on school property.

The incident was handled by the school resource officer, gang task force and school administration.

Middle school gym evacuated

The gymnasium at East Ridge Middle School was closed for several hours Wednesday after a methane gas leak was discovered, officials said.

After a pump stopped working, sewer gas escaped to the roof where the heating and air-conditioning system pulled the gas back into the gym, said Hamilton County Schools spokeswoman Danielle Clark.

Maintenance crews fixed the pump and will continue to monitor the situation in the nearly 50-year-old building, Clark said.

Woman arrested in car attack

A woman accused of attacking another woman and her son with a car Saturday has been charged with two counts of aggravated assault, according to a Chattanooga police arrest report.

Shanese Johnson, 22, was arrested Tuesday after her neighbor, Jennifer Hodge, told police that Johnson hit her and Hodge's 15-year-old son while they were in their front yard at 7773 Basswood Drive.

Hodge reported that she and Johnson had been in an argument, and that Johnson got in her car and "slammed on the gas." Hodge said she and her son both were struck and ended up on the car's hood.

The report stated that Hodge and her son were observed by a police medic, but no major injuries were reported.

Man arrested in morning fight

One man was charged with attempted first-degree murder and another is at large after the two men got into a fight early Wednesday morning with a Soddy-Daisy man, according to the Hamilton County Sheriff's Office.

James Jeffery Davis Jr. is charged with attempted first-degree murder and now is in jail in Catoosa County, Ga., until he can be brought back to Tennessee, police said. Officers are still trying to locate the second man.

John Altenhoff was in a residence at 10527 Collins Road when a man wearing a black mask and wielding a nightstick knocked on his front door, identifying himself as a police officer, according to reports.

When Altenhoff asked for identification and tried to call 911, the man forced himself into the home and the pair fought. Altenhoff was struck several times in the head with the nightstick, reports said.

The fight continued into the front yard, where the masked man called to an accomplice, Altenhoff told police.

The accomplice fired a weapon at Altenhoff but missed, then fled with the masked man.

Altenhoff drove to a nearby store for help.