'Extreme'-ly at home

'Extreme'-ly at home

February 19th, 2011 by Andy Johns in News

The "Extreme Makeover: Home Edition" crew finally moved that bus that's been blocking the view of the Sharrock home in Rossville about 4:30 this afternoon.

Fresh from a Disney World vacation, the Sharrock family arrived in a black limousine as at least 2,000 spectators and volunteers lining the street roared their approval.

The family was greeted by celebrity designers Ty Pennington, Eduardo Xol, Ed Sanders and Xzibit. The crowd kept the cheer going until the famous Extreme Makeover bus rolled out of the family's view, allowing them to see their new house for the first time: an Irish-cottage style home of mocha and chocolate stone with bright blue shutters.

Nine year old Patrick bounced in dad Michael's arms and pointed at parts of the house before the family headed down the pathway through their new lawn for a few shots with the camera crew.

After about 10 minutes of filming, Michael and Cindy finally opened the pecan-colored wood front door.

Pennington sneaked in through the garage, along with a gaggle of cameramen to catch the family's reaction to the new rooms.

Executive Producer Brady Connell said that the mortgage for the home has been fully paid, In addition, he said, the Sharrocks will have a medical therapy fund from CVS Pharmacy, and scholarships will allow Michael Sharrock to finish college and Patrick to attend when he is old enough.

The show's producers said the Sharrocks won't say anything tonight but are planning a news conference at 9 a.m. Sunday.