To apply:

Hourly jobs: apply at or call 866-885-6277 for more information.

Management jobs: apply at

Amazon is ready to start hiring the bulk of its workers for distribution centers in Hamilton and Bradley counties.

"We're looking forward to opening our first two facilities in Tennessee this fall, creating 1,200 jobs," said Dave Clark, vice president of North American operations for Amazon.

The nation's biggest online retailer has continued construction on two massive facilities while trying to fend off legislation in Nashville that would force it to collect sales tax from Tennessee customers.

The company announced two websites that people can go to and submit applications, along with a telephone number.

J.Ed. Marston, the Chattanooga Area Chamber of Commerce's vice president of marketing, said the hiring announcement is a positive step.

"This is a situation that has some angles not typical," he said. "We're looking at every milestone as positive."

Earlier this spring, the company began taking applications for mostly top management posts.

According to Amazon, full-time hourly openings include jobs in picking, packing and receiving and shipping.

Management slots include positions in operations, safety, human resources and technical support.

The Seattle-based company said jobs will come with benefits such as medical, dental, vision, life and disability insurance, vacation, annual stock grants and a 401(k) program.

Amazon also has announced it plans to hire up to 2,000 seasonal workers in Hamilton and Bradley.

Last week, Tennessee state senators grilled Amazon representatives about the company's assertions the state can't make it collect sales taxes from in-state customers.

Proposed legislation seeks to force Amazon to collect sales taxes, which can total 9.75 percent in state and local levies. Senate action on the bill was delayed until this week.

Meanwhile, Amazon said it is looking at building three more distribution centers in Nashville or Knoxville. It would invest $180 million more than the $139 million it's plowing into Southeast Tennessee.

The company also said it could hire about 1,700 full-time workers and 2,000 part-time or seasonal employees for the three new facilities.