Paul Page still eligible for $12,000 a year pension from Chattanooga

Paul Page still eligible for $12,000 a year pension from Chattanooga

October 9th, 2011 by Ansley Haman in News

Paul Page, Chattanooga's director of general services

Paul Page, Chattanooga's director of general services


Paul Page's highest three calendar years of pay

• 2008: $97,288.76*

• 2009: $95,594.46

• 2010: $95,844.46

• The city operates on a two-week pay cycle. In 2008, there were 27 pay periods rather than the usual 26.

Source: Chattanooga personnel records

The city will pay former General Services Director Paul Page nearly $12,000 a year for the rest of his life even though he retired after a federal finding that he sexually harassed one employee and was disciplined for harassing another.

Page worked for the city for six years and was vested in its General Pension Fund automatically after five years. He's eligible for $11,549 annually, or $962 a month, based on his highest three earnings years. Those were 2008-10.

Even if Page had been fired, his benefits would not have been affected, said Doug Kelley, the city's personnel records specialist.

"That has no effect on your general pension or your eligibility for benefits," Kelley said.

Employees 62 and older can retire at any point.

"Mr. Page was in that group," said Kelley.

Page came under fire in recent weeks after the federal Equal Employment Opportunity Commission found that he harassed an employee in October 2008 and the city subsequently retaliated against her.

A second woman filed a sexual harassment complaint against Page in November 2008. In that incident, Page was disciplined with five unpaid days off.

Page has denied any wrongdoing.

The city requests that employees give a two-week notice before retiring. Page hand-delivered his retirement notice, effective immediately, on Oct. 4.

Page's failure to give notice also doesn't affect his pension or benefits, Kelley said.

For each year of service, Page will receive 2 percent of the average of his highest three years' salary for each month of service. Because Page accrued six years of service, his rate will be 12 percent.

Page was hired in July 2005 as the city's director of asset management at a salary of $80,159, said Richard Beeland, city spokesman. Mayor Ron Littlefield served as a reference when Page applied for the job.

Later, Littlefield created the position of director of general services and the mayor appointed Page to the post on July 1, 2006, at a salary of $90,990.

Page received a raise in January to an annual rate of $98,462.25, Beeland said.

This year's increase does not affect his pension, Kelley said.

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