Hamilton County to review hunting at Enterprise South Nature Park

Hamilton County to review hunting at Enterprise South Nature Park

September 30th, 2011 by Ansley Haman in News

A fawn and wanders along the southern boundary of Enterprise South Nature Park late Tuesday morning. Officials are planning on allowing a regulated number of hunters access to the park during two weekends in October to hunt deer and turkey to comply with a contract the park signed with TWRA.

A fawn and wanders along the southern boundary...

Photo by Dan Henry /Times Free Press.

POLL: Should deer hunting be allowed at Enterprise South?

Opponents of controlled archery hunts in the Enterprise South Nature Park convinced Hamilton County commissioners Thursday to review a game management agreement for the park.

A 2005 agreement among the county, Chattanooga and Tennessee Wildlife Resources Agency allows the agency to manage game on 2,800 acres, including conducting hunts to control the deer population.

Two hunts are scheduled for October in the park, which will be closed to residents a total of four days. Each two-day hunt has a maximum of 80 hunters who are limited to the use of bows and arrows.

Hunts began on the property in 1978 after officials from the Volunteer Army Ammunition Plant asked for help controlling deer overpopulation on the site.

On Thursday, Diane Dixon, a local attorney who represents a loose coalition of residents, appeared before commissioners for a second week, asking them to review the agreement with TWRA.

"We have a new group of stakeholders who would like a voice in how the park is managed," she said.

Commission Chairman Larry Henry referred the issue to the Building and Economic Development Committee headed by Commissioner Greg Beck.

A time for the meeting had not been set Thursday.

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