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Robert Hardnett

Lebron Hardnett was sitting in his Brainerd home Monday night when his brother, Robert, walked in and said he needed some help.

"He came home and asked me to come outside to grab some stuff out of the car," Lebron Hardnett said. "I came outside and he started crying and kept saying, 'I did it.' I finally figured out something had happened."

That "something" was the shooting death of Robert's wife, 34-year-old Elizabeth. After 18 years, the couple had broken up about two weeks ago and Robert, 50, was staying with his brother.

On Monday night after his brother broke down, Lebron drove him to Hamilton County Jail, where Robert turned himself in. He is charged with criminal homicide and is in jail on a $200,000 bond. His first court date is set for Tuesday in Hamilton County Sessions Court.

Robert Hardnett, a commercial truck driver and tennis instructor, told police he killed his wife because he suspected her of cheating, according to police reports. He told them where they could find her body -- his workplace at Electric Supply Co. at 1907 Daisy St.

She was pronounced dead at the scene. Police said she was shot four to six times.

Officials with Electric Supply Co. declined Tuesday to comment.

Lebron said he knew his brother suspected his wife of being unfaithful but is shocked that he would go so far as to kill her.

"It's hard to believe. I just feel numb," Lebron said Tuesday.

Robert had never been a violent man; he was quiet and hard-working, his brother said.

"He loved going to church and serving his Lord," Lebron said. "I don't even think he owned a gun."

During the time his brother was staying at his house, the two had prayed about the marriage, Lebron said.

"He said that he would later try to work things out," Lebron said.

The couple had three children, who were staying with their mother.