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Myles Stout

After four hours of testimony today, holes in the memory of the first witness called in a 21-year-old's murder trial raised more questions than answers.

Kevin Driscoll answered the majority of attorneys' questions with: "I don't remember, sir."

At times he remembered unloading two handguns before allowing friends to handle them during a March 9, 2011 get-together at his parents' Chattanooga home. Defendent Myles Stout used one of the guns to shoot and kill 18-year-old Myles Compton.

At other times, Driscoll said he couldn't recall who was present when certain events occurred at the party and contradicted his own statements to police shortly after the shooting.

Stout's defense is that the incident was an accident and he did not know the weapon was loaded.

Driscoll said that, after the shooting, he threw bullets from both guns into the backyard to "secure" the weapon.

"I didn't want anybody else to get hurt," he testified.

But he also threw beer into the backyard to avoid arrest for underage drinking, he admitted under cross examination by Stout's attorney, Hank Hill.

Police and witnesses say Stout shot Compton in the chest at a gathering in the 9125 Stoney Mountain Drive home of Driscoll and his family.

Compton's family has filed a separate $10 million civil lawsuit against Stout, Driscoll and Driscoll's parents, Jerry and Patricia, who own the gun and allegedly allowed minors to drink alcohol in their home before the shooting.

Jerry Driscoll is now testifying.

Previous testimony described a scene in which Driscoll showed Compton two unloaded handguns. He said he heard Stout load one of the guns, then saw him point it at several people before pushing the handgun's barrel into Compton's chest and firing.

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