Politically correcting 'Price is Right' and Erlanger TV

Politically correcting 'Price is Right' and Erlanger TV

May 9th, 2015 by Jay Greeson in Opinion Columns

We now have the test case that we as a society are too politically correct, sparing feelings at all costs and costing us all real feeling.

On "The Price is Right" this week, Danielle Perez won a treadmill. Perez has no legs.

There was a lot of bitter backlash against "The Price is Right" that Perez thankfully was able to defuse. An awkward situation was made lighter by Perez' classy handling of the matter on social media.

Jay Greeson

Jay Greeson

Photo by Staff File Photo /Times Free Press.

Man, we are quick to blame, and our instant melding into a morality mob has made even giving someone the random chance to win thousands of dollars in prizes a tense and potentially embarrassing thing.

There's a collection of people who are simply looking for the next thing to complain about, and, more times than not, any perceived insult to political correctness draws instant ire.

Well, be careful, Internet morality mob, because we are so deep in the zone of political correctness that the final step of not offending anyone will be not including anyone.

For "The Price is Right" to be certain its random list of prizes may not bestow a camera on a blind man, or some other unfortunate award, the show would have to make sure people with disabilities are not contestants.

Well, there's no way that would fly.

So the next stop is halting the entire process. And if that happens, who is going to remind us to have our pets fixed?

Congratulations, Ms. Perez, on winning your prizes -- TV talk show host Jimmy Kimmel also gave her a cruise for her good sense of understanding and her winning attitude.

As for the treadmill, Perez said she's likely going to keep it as a piece of unused furniture, like the majority of Americans do.

Erlanger Channel

So Erlanger had to do two things to make Sen. Todd Gardenhire go away.

The Chattanooga hospital that does so much for so many deftly handled Mr. Gardenhire's talking points by settling the insurance situation for almost 120 retirees and revoting on management bonuses.

Yes, Gardenhire's attention to insurance detail for 118 while leading the charge against Insure Tennessee for 280,000 seems a little odd, but whatever.

As for the revote, Erlanger did that and more. In an effort to put more transparency in its meetings, the hospital told this paper's Kate Belz this week that the board will put all its meetings on YouTube.

We're sure it will make for gripping viewing.

Hey, let's take the next step. Let's go Erlanger Channel. We could have the meeting footage, then the comedy stylings of Kevin Spiegel and some interpretive poetry readings from Chief Administrative Officer Gregg Gentry.

We could even let Gardenhire announce the lineups: "Stay tuned for the 'Turn-your-head-and-cough Hour,' right here on The Erlanger Channel."

Until next week.

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