Hart: Chalk up another example of college student wimpiness

Hart: Chalk up another example of college student wimpiness

April 1st, 2016 by Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

An Emory University degree just went down in value — again.

I've never been a fan of any Emory undergrad I've met. Emory is an expensive, whiny Northern rich kid's college. Around its hometown of Atlanta, its graduates are called "Em-roids" because of their entitled attitude, and they just proved why.

Emory students and their school president are all in a prissy tizzy because there might be one or more Trump supporters on campus. When someone with chalk wrote "Trump 2016" around campus, the school was all but locked down. Students cried and said they felt "unsafe." They chanted protests to the president: "You are not listening! Come speak to us; we are in pain." The president immediately had the admissions office investigate how it was that a Republican was admitted to Emory.

Responding to their Em-roid rage, he then sent out a letter expressing that he felt their pain. These princesses were offered grief counseling for the worst trauma of their lives: seeing Trump's name.

The students then went into the campus quad and played Hacky Sack (with helmets, for safety) because it just felt right. I never trust a college that doesn't have a football team.

Emory President and PC hero Jim Wagner is the guy who presided over the intentional lying for 10 years on SAT scores to U.S. News and World Report. Emory reported higher SAT scores and omitted the bottom 10 percent of students' scores to look better on the poll.

A friend's daughter has a liberal arts degree from Emory, which means she is a receptionist at her dad's friend's law firm.

The First Amendment has died a slow death on college campuses, strangled over time by their left-wing bureaucracies. If our founders were around today, they (after visiting the Times Square theater district to catch the musical "Hamilton") would be appalled at this Emory thing.

Campuses were supposed to be places where ideas are debated. Today, they are where opposition speech is labeled "hate" and shut down. Many college campuses cannot stand the idea of free speech unless it is speech they agree with; if they do not like what is said, they seek to silence the speaker. The whole idea of free speech is that people are allowed to say things you do not agree with.

This is not the best way to get Donald Trump. If your goal is to stop the man who is winning by saying we are too politically correct and that we have lost sight of the Constitution and are soft, the best way might not be to cry like you have been beaten by the Gestapo when you see "Trump 2016" scrawled around your campus. Kids, you just made his point.

These kids are so dumb, they are lucky they are in Georgia and not Texas. In Georgia, someone whose IQ is below 80 cannot be executed.

This weak millennial generation grew up receiving participation trophies and expects us to applaud and positively reinforce what little they do. Jugglers, street mimes and community theater actors need applause — real leaders don't. I cannot imagine Gens. George Patton or Dwight Eisenhower putting up with this. I just hope this generation does not have to go to war.

We know the Left on college campuses loves Bernie Sanders and hates Trump. At a recent campus rally, a woman took her top off, saying "Vote for Bernie Sanders." She also made a nasty anti-Trump gesture.

Sanders has won the love of narcissistic millennials who are not good at economics, which means all millennials. To them, Sanders is a rock star. What is amazing is that he is the first person revered by this generation without posting a single nude selfie on social media.

And why do millennials always want to take selfies or video everything they do, even sex? I'm just the opposite. When I am done with sex, I think to myself, "Well, at least no one had to see that."

The Emory kerfuffle came during the same week as the bad optics of President Obama doing the tango in Argentina while ISIS bombed civilians in Belgium and Iraq. We may look weak and feckless as a world power these days, but we are still the world's undisputed superpower when it comes to televised dance contests.

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