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Jay Greeson
Email is amazing.

It now has become the baseline communication for lots of people. That's more of a tragedy than a transformation, considering many folks would rather communicate via email than directly speaking to someone over the phone or, God forbid, face to face.

Never mind the total absence of tone or timing that so often produces a laugh in a face-to-face conversation.

That said, emails can provide a chuckle.

For example, take this subject line from a mass email sent around the TFP newsroom earlier this week:

"Leftover corn dogs in the fridge."

The intention was noble, but I'm not overly eager about a fresh corn dog, never mind a reheated one.

From the mailbag

From David:

"Jay, on Saturday 5/28 you wrote: "We are depending on and trusting in our elected officials to conduct their business with a certain level of honesty. And if they can't be honest or loyal to their significant others, then that's an important detail of their character."

And "As for truth from our public officials, well, we should all demand that."

Given his much publicized affairs, womanizing, and penchant for bending the truth, will you really be able to endorse Trump?"

David —

I have not endorsed Trump — in my writing or with my primary vote. Will I vote for him in the general election? Most likely.

But that is a testament first and foremost that our presidential options are bad and worse.

And while it is important to know that our elected leaders are honest and trustworthy, there certainly is a hierarchy of misdeeds.

Do Trump's personal-life misgivings raise eyebrows? Yes.

Is it worse than Clinton's email fiasco or her role in the disaster that was Benghazi? Not even close.

Thanks for reading and the feedback.

This and that

- The National Gun Violence Awareness Day message was for people to wear orange. It happened Thursday. For most of the folks in Tennessee, that happens on any day ending in 'y' — gun optional, of course.

- As always, your feedback is appreciated, even those folks who wanted me to change places with Harambe, the gorilla who was killed last weekend in the Cincinnati Zoo after a child fell into the animal's enclosure. All opinions are appreciated, but those of you who offered your faux outrage, can you name a single one of the more than a dozen people who have been shot or killed in Chattanooga in the first half of this year?

- Talk about a tepid show of support. Republican poobah Paul Ryan said he will be voting for the presumptive Republican nominee, and that came as somewhat of a surprise. Welcome to the 2016 presidential process, folks.

Saturday's stars

Regulars around this page know the special place we hold for the Chattanooga National Cemetery.

So today, we'll tip the cap to everyone who participated in the flag pick-up on Tuesday after Memorial Day.

So many volunteers showed that it only took seven hours to collect and store the 45,000 American flags placed on the graves as tribute. It's normally a process that can take as long as a week.

Until next week.

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