The Orlando gay nightclub shooter was on the FBI watch list. He was turned in to the FBI again by a gun shop owner for trying to buy 1,000 rounds of ammunition and a bulletproof vest. And he swore allegiance to ISIS in Arabic during the shooting. Obama's feds are still trying to find his motive.

Obama's folks would only care to investigate this hard if the shooter wore a Confederate flag.

The only emotion Obama shows is his contempt for the GOP and for the Second Amendment. He will tear up talking about non-issues the same way Bill Clinton teared up when he spoke about his women issues — until Bill developed a tolerance for pepper spray.

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Ron Hart

Full disclosure: I have a concealed weapons permit and 10 guns. I feel even the blind should have guns so they also have a way to express themselves in nightclubs other than just the jazz piano.

No laws Democrats want to pass would have kept Omar Mateen away from a gun. But the liberal premise? Yes, murderous terrorists who kill 49 innocent people will always fill out the right government paperwork for their guns. Murder, yes, but monkey with government forms? Never!

Obama makes this about guns, dodging his terrorism foibles. After the kid at Disney World died, Obama was quick to blame the alligator's teeth.

Among the gun myths perpetuated by the Left:

1) Gun violence is "skyrocketing." Yet according to Pew Research, it is down about 50 percent since 1993. The more guns, the fewer homicides.

2) Gun control works. Cities like Chicago, St. Louis, Baltimore, etc., where gun controls are strongest, have the worst gun violence. Most of the recent violent acts, from Fort Hood, Sandy Hook, the Washington Navy Yard, San Bernardino, to the recruiting station in Chattanooga and now Orlando were committed in gun-free zones.

3) Guns harm their owners more than they protect them. It's a lie. In 2013 there were 505 accidental gun deaths in America. But surveys clearly show that each year, 100,000 to 2 million Americans use a gun for self-defense, including chasing off a potential robber or rapist. Having a gun provides immeasurable peace of mind for those of us not protected by the Secret Service, as Obama and Attorney General Loretta Lynch are, or by the private, gun-toting security of Hollywood celebs or the corporate security of the New York Times front desk. If you are in a dangerous trailer park or ghetto, a gun provides comfort.

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Banning "assault rifles" is stupid. According to the FBI, rifles kill only 323 people a year; knives and blunt objects kill more than 2,100. U.S. gun laws are stiff. O.J. Simpson went to jail for 15 years for using a gun in a Las Vegas robbery. He should have stuck with a knife.

Much of the growth in mass shootings can be laid at the feet of the Left's entertainment industry buddies. Hollywood desensitizes young men to killing via its violent movies and video games. In the James Bond movie franchise, Bond has shot about 400 bad guys and slept with 70 women. I'll concede one thing: This is proof that guns reload quicker than James at this age.

Even leftists know guns are important. Rachael Maddow shoots a gun, and Brad Pitt, citing his Missouri roots, spoke up for the Second Amendment. Or it might be that he doesn't feel safe at home with all those kids, since he probably doesn't know half of them.

Hillary Clinton said we need a new approach to the Left's new, favorite focus group-tested phrase, "weapon of war." She maintains we need her "woman's touch" to deal with terrorists. Maybe she's right; we've tried everything except the silent treatment.

Bill Clinton gets it; he's historically been pro-gun. He realizes that guns don't kill people; husbands armed with a gun who come home early kill people.

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