Kevin Muhammad, a minister of the Nation of Islam, speaks during a rally at Miller Park in Chattanooga.

It's been more than a year since the Times Free Press gave me the opportunity to express my thoughts here on A2. Almost every day your feedback — filled with passion and insight — is inspiring.

So as we sprint into May, may we all ask for more.

More in life, more in our work, more from our leaders and more of ourselves.

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* May Kevin Muhammad make the most of his 20 minutes tonight in his version of the state of the city. I am all for Muhammad stating his case to the City Council.

That said, may the City Council treat every group with the same openness they have showed Muhammad. Does he deserve a say? Sure he does, but his voice is no more important than anyone else's. Through that lens, council members should make time to hear the views of other leaders who want to share their "state" of anything this side of the best menu option at Nikki's.

' May I have the determination of Chattanooga police Officer Dennis Pedigo, who was injured in the July 16, 2015, attacks and returned to the job Monday. Yes, we all believe we have work-related issues, but battling back from almost being killed during your shift is something with which most of us can't identify.

May the rest of our shifts be more calm than his last.

* May we all know the contributions in our field that Gene Etter has experienced. The longtime Baylor School legendary baseball coach was honored last weekend. There are folks who make their mark, and their are folks who gain notoriety, and then there are folks who deserve more acclaim than they receive. Amazingly, Etter fits all three descriptions.

* May I have the command of word usage to better describe my opinion on Hillary Clinton, the wisdom to know which battles are worth digging in my heels and the perspective to appreciate and respect that readers view issues through their own life experiences.

That last part is especially important.

* May I forever remember that every reader's response is an important opportunity to consider different ideas. Even the most passionate dissenter can bring a new perspective, and for that, thank you to everyone who has emailed me, good or bad.

* May I have the common sense that when I am wondering where to eat lunch I remember Wally's on McCallie Avenue before I pull through a drive-through window somewhere.

* May I have the clarity of vision that when we discuss the passionate issues involving the education of our young people, that in the end, their education is more important than being on the right side of the discussion.

We — and that's all of us — are far too often worried about our side being right than being on the right side.

* May the good folks attending the Chattanooga Area Leadership Prayer Breakfast today get the message from J. Frank Harrison to be better people.

In fact, may we all get that message and be motivated to be better. We all can take steps to make America better.

May that happen for all of us.

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