Hart: Who treats women worse: Trump or the Clintons?

Hart: Who treats women worse: Trump or the Clintons?

May 20th, 2016 by Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

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Now that she knows Donald Trump is her November opponent, Hillary Clinton had The New York Times do a hit piece Sunday on him and his "women issues." It's curious; Trump has been running for more than a year, in primaries against as many as 16 other GOP candidates, and "the Great Gray Lady" just now decided to run the piece.

I read it. It's a floundering bid to make Trump look bad. The Donald was way ahead of competitors in promoting women in his organizations, and, yeah, he was a bachelor who liked being around pretty women. Shocker!

The attack on Trump was very short on facts, even after 50 women were interviewed. The main person cited by the Times, an ex-model named Rowanne Brewer Lane, has since insisted the reporter distorted what she said. Lane, a Trump supporter, said he was "kind, thoughtful and generous."

Another swing and a miss against The Teflon Don.

Women do, and will increasingly, support Trump as an agent of change. A recent poll said that women in America are more angry than men about the current state of political affairs. And if you want to make women even madder, just mention to them that they seem angry.

The Left has always treated women worse than does the Right. They spin it otherwise, but even now the Left plans to station 100 naked women outside the GOP Convention in Cleveland, posing for an artist and providing a distraction. Or maybe that is the only way to get people to come to Cleveland. But you get the point.

Politico reported that the left-wing "Vote Trump, Get Dumped" website has been trying to get women to pledge to withhold sex from any boyfriend who says he plans to vote for Trump. This goes against tradition. The norm in America is that a woman must first be married before she can withhold sex.

Compare Trump's inoffensive dating behavior to Bill Clinton's sexploits and the way Hillary viciously went after all his accusers. Bill's bad behavior against women ranges from rape allegations, by Juanita Broaddrick, to just plain disrespect of Gennifer Flowers, Paula Jones, Monica Lewinsky and others whom the Clinton media henchmen tamped down.

Bill Clinton was impeached for being an alley cat, and for lying, by a hypocritical triumvirate of "family values" Republicans: multimarriage aficionado Newt Gingrich, Rep. Robert Livingston (who had to resign from Congress over his affairs), and — most notoriously — former House Speaker Denny Hastert. He recently was sentenced to prison in a hush-money case stemming from his admitted sexual abuse of boys while he was a wrestling coach decades ago.

Talk about people in glass houses! Bill Clinton was later disbarred for perjury over the Monica affair, while Hillary attacked Bill's accusers, sent her secret police after them, and did all she could to prevent these "bimbo eruptions" from derailing her outsized political ambitions.

For Hillary and Bill Clinton to say that Trump has treated women unfairly is like Jared the Subway guy telling you that you're creeping him out. Hillary Clinton fretted more about who was nicknamed "Deep Throat" around their White House than Richard Nixon did.

Hillary says she and Bill have worked out their issues over the years. She said they "communicate" now. They communicated back then, too — mostly via her shrill voice coming through a locked bedroom door.

A recent cartoon by Dixon Diaz sums up the Left. It depicts a liberal Democratic woman talking to a man. The man says to her, "I don't believe that women have any rights, and I think gays should be hanged." She says, "Wow, what a complete ass you are, you must be a Republican." He says, "No, actually I'm a Muslim, and those are my religious beliefs." She then looks embarrassed and apologetically says, "Oh! I'm sorry! I hope you do not think I'm Islamophobic!"

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