Firefighters survey the section of an overpass that collapsed from a large fire on Interstate 85 in Atlanta, Thursday, March 30, 2017. Atlanta officials say a massive fire that burned for more than an hour caused the collapse of the interstate overpass. Georgia Gov. Nathan Deal has issued a state of emergency for the county. (AP Photo/David Goldman)
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Jay Greeson

The images from Atlanta, where an overpass bridge on Interstate 85 was engulfed in smoke before succumbing to fire Thursday, were scary.

Imagine driving and that happening. Wow.

Here are a few thoughts:

First, we were glad to hear that the Tennessee Department of Transportation was already starting the process Friday of examining and inspecting some of Tennessee's bridges.

Second, regardless of what TDOT finds, you have to believe that the infrastructure needs are going to be in the billions, right? (Yes, we could easily transition into a gas tax discussion, but this being April Fool's Day, we shall resist.)

Finally, considering the way the Falcons choked away a 28-3 Super Bowl lead last month, the bridge is now officially the second biggest collapse in Atlanta this year.

Speaking of Atlanta sports

We have been a fan of Chipper Jones for a while.

The Hall of Fame switch hitter who brought his Southern charm to the Braves lineup for almost two decades has written an autobiography with former Atlanta Journal-Constitution sports writer Carroll Rogers.

Some excerpts were released this week, among them Jones detailing fellow Hall of Famer Greg Maddux's habit of routinely wiping treasures from his nose on teammates, as well as the serious issues of Jones' infidelity.

There also was this interesting anecdote from Chipper:

Apparently, when Jones was with the (then) Double-A Greenville Braves, he was about to get married to his first wife, Karin, on Sept. 12, 1992. That happened to be the Saturday that was going to be Game 2 of the Braves' playoff series against the Chattanooga Lookouts, and the Braves' brass wanted to know if he could move the date.

His book, "Ballplayer," which goes on sale Tuesday, recounts Jones' response about missing that game before coming back for Game 3 of the series:

"That was not going to happen. We'd been planning it for a year. I guess my penance was honeymooning in Chattanooga, Tennessee."

No surprise he skipped that story during his Best of Preps appearance here a couple of years ago, huh?

Saturday sadness

Yes, we normally fill this space with a star, and the great folks behind the badges are always on our short list, especially considering the Dodge City-type action shootings have generated this week.

On this day, though, we must flip our alliteration from star to sadness.

No, the sadness today is for the glorious career that was Dandelion — before that glorious shade of yellow was retired from the Crayola Crayon box of 24.

Know this, Crayola: This country's youth need more than just straight yellow or any of the orange-yellow hybrids when they try to color in the shades of the sun, Big Bird's feathers or the hair of a blonde princess.

It's never fun when someone is forced into retirement, especially when it's someone or something that has as much to offer as Dandelion.

Dandelion, know this — we all thank you for your colorful addition to our colorful past.

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