Hart: Yellow journalism flows down Trump's leg

Hart: Yellow journalism flows down Trump's leg

January 20th, 2017 by Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

President-elect Donald Trump takes questions from reporters at Trump Tower on Fifth Avenue in New York on Jan. 11.


Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Libs are mad because Hillary lost, and they are acting out.

They kept pushing their bad policies and their disdain toward middle America until there was backlash. When America voted to elect Trump, the liberals were shocked to their core. Now they are grappling with the aftershock — that we also voted our consciences.

Democrats are used to bullying and character assassination of opponents to get their way. It didn't work with "Teflon Don" Trump, a man who will stand up to them. America cheered.

They want to disrupt Trump at every turn. There is even talk of sex workers in San Francisco, many involved in bondage and S&M, being sent to disrupt the Trump inaugural. I'd say, "Slap a cease-and-desist order on them," but I'm afraid they'd just like that.

Now the media, with the help of Obama intelligence appointees, are giving it one last shot.

In their last throes of petulant power, the Obama administration is trying to concoct and advance any narrative to delegitimize Trump and provide any lame excuse why the Dems lost so much. Fake intelligence stories with "dossiers" about Trump doing weird things on the bed with hookers in Russia are fed to the media. One or some of the appointed intel chiefs leaked the stories, but they are all too cowardly to admit it. Talk about yellow!

Even Bob Woodward, of Woodward and Bernstein/Watergate fame, called the Trump hookers/bed/urination claims "a garbage document that should have never been released." There is no doubt that intelligence agencies trying to please Obama one last time leaked these documents intended to hurt Trump, a critic of the political nature of our intelligence community.

Obama has done this since his first campaign in Illinois, digging up sealed records of his opponent's divorce and revealing items damaging to the couple's kids. He went after $1 million Romney donor Frank VanderSloot, dumpster-diving for divorce records; then the IRS magically audited VanderSloot — twice. We all know about Obama's goons going after James Rosen and Fox News and the IRS being sicced on the tea party.

Then-Senate Majority Leader Harry Reid lied on the Senate floor, saying Romney didn't pay taxes. Dems do not have the better policy arguments, but they do know how to play the politics of personally obliterating their opponents.

They know they don't have to be liked by voters, just slightly more liked than their opponents.

The media have gone from crying about Trump's entanglements with Russia to leaks with Russia. Some in the media so wanted to believe this contrived story that they sat in the front row at a Trump news conference wearing rain coats like they were seeing Gallagher perform his watermelon smashing routine.

They so want one of these #FakeNews stories to be true. Obama could be caught on tape killing a hobo and throwing him in the Potomac, and the media headline would be: "Obama Helps Get Homeless Off the Streets."

Just in the last two months, the left has destroyed two great American songs. They turned "Baby, It's Cold Outside" into a date rape song, and they have ruined "Singin' in the Rain" for most of us.

Now Obama's inspector general is told to look into the FBI and James Comey's investigation of Hillary's emails. But get this: They are not supposed to look into the real issue, AG Loretta Lynch's clandestine meeting on her private jet with the husband of suspect Hillary Clinton.

Libs are even blasting the intel agencies for not releasing the kinky "Trump in Russia" sex allegations. I wished they had released them. Trump might have won Vermont and California.

The perplexing but good thing about Donald Trump is that you do not have to dig up or make up embarrassing information on him. You just have to sign up to follow him on Twitter or attend a rally.

Worry not. The forecast for Trump's Inauguration Day is clear and sunny, with no chance of showers.

Contact Ron Hart at Ron@RonaldHart.com or Twitter @RonaldHart or visit RonaldHart.com.

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