Jay Greeson

I am exhausted by the misguided logic of arming teachers to protect our students.

Forget stories of teachers snapping (like the dude in Dalton, Ga.) or teachers sleeping with students, which sadly happens infinitely more often than school shootings. Think of how many stories we have read about accidental gun violence in homes with loaded weapons, and we want to put loaded weapons in an already emotional environment with so many possible unfortunate outcomes?

Here's a question for those who think arming teachers is the best way to prevent shootings in "gun-free" zones: Do you also think we need to arm the young sales staff at The Gap or Victoria's Secret to prevent the next gun situation at local malls?

That's the answer? All so this faux school board leadership group can feel better at its next community meeting and say it's taking a bold stand.

That's not a bold stand. That's a boneheaded stand. That school board members here and elsewhere are willing even to suggest it screams of the divide between the dais and the classroom.

Because of my feelings on this, I have asked no fewer than 20 teachers in the last two weeks if they wanted to have and be responsible for a gun in their classrooms. Know how many answered yes? Zero.

How many teachers have our school board members polled?

Thankfully, Dr. Bryan Johnson seems to be the consistent voice of reason on this issue. Keep fighting the good fight, Doctor, because more guns in schools to stop shootings feels like we are trying to fight cancer by injecting our patients with cancer.

Speaking of fools and guns

Bradley County Sheriff Eric Watson accused a political group that made allegations against him of using "dirty politics."

Well, we can all agree if anyone around the 423 can be verified as an expert on dirty politics, it would be Sheriff Eric Watson.

Watson seemed outraged that anyone would have a problem with his office and officers taking prisoners under their care to a local church. Hey, if church helps, then God bless.

(Side note: I am a little puzzled why a man elected to uphold the law is this fast and loose with some clear-cut rules, such as having the prisoners dressed in appropriate attire when they leave the facilities.)

Still, it's a little strange that as a lot of the country is debating about whether to put guns in schools, Watson is defending bringing prisoners, and what we can only assume to be armed officers, into a place of worship, as well.

Man, before long we're going to need three hand grenades, a shotgun and two six-shooters on our hips to get a couple of value meals at the Chick-fil-A.

Re-do on some city recycling

Did you see the story from the TFP that city residents can get free wood chips and mulch at the Wood Recycle Center?

Non-city residents can get a ton of wood chips for $8.

Yes, the first revelation here is that there appears to be a return on investment on those city stickers you're required to get from the tag office for living in Chattanooga proper.

Second, you can't help but wonder exactly how many wood chips come in a ton, right?

Finally, with the knowledge that those chips come from the city-supervised Wood Recycle Center, which sorts through organic yard debris from trees, trimmings, leaves and such, who knows what else may be in there?

Here's hoping your wood chips don't include bits of an old tricycle, some pink flamingo parts and whatever other 'yard waste' may have been submitted.

Saturday star

Baseball season for the youth leagues across this 13-county area is about to start.

This is a great time of the year, even if the recent freeze makes it feel more like hockey season than spring training.

Here's a great big salute to the folks running those leagues.

The guy taking on the lion's share of the responsibility of running the leagues my kids play in is Mark Wyatt. Thank you, Mark, for all you do.

If you are that person in your community, kudos. If not, there's someone in your community making a similar sacrifice that ranges from 300 emails in a day to making sure the schedules are balanced and little Jimmy or Joanna gets his or her favorite number on this year's uniform.

But I don't know those league presidents. You do.

Make sure they know how much you appreciate what they are doing for your kid.

Until next time.

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