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Jay Greeson

OK, we are days from this year's election. We are hours from GOP power players President Donald Trump and Vice President Mike Pence spinning through the area.

It's on. For real.

And if you still are unsure which name you are going to check, forget the negativity from the political ads — "She's the devil" and "He's a communist" — or the mailers.

If you are still confused, check out this checklist of goods, services and overall preferences compiled by Simmons Research and that divides 36 daily categories into what's preferred by liberals and conservatives. The results may surprise you.

Cars? Liberals like the Subaru; conservatives prefer the Chevrolet.

Newspaper? Liberals said The New York Times; conservatives picked The Wall Street Journal. (That said, the ol' TFP — especially on Tuesdays, Thursdays and Saturday when you know who is writing — would have been the universal choice if on the ballot.)

Health/beauty product? Liberals pick up Burt's Bees lip gloss; conservatives picked Right Guard antiperspirant.

Grocery store? Liberals push a buggy at Trader Joe's; conservatives go to Sam's Club.

Fast-food restaurant? Liberals swing by Starbucks; conservatives make their way to Bojangles.

Sports league? Liberals like pro soccer; conservatives are watching pro golf.

There were clear divides of course, such as one side liking CNN and the other preferring Fox. (We'll let you guess on that one.)

And there was one united answer. Favorite domestic beer?

Each picked Coors Light. Silver bullets for everyone.

And fired accordingly.


Speaking of politics

Kudos to Hamilton County Commissioner Greg Martin for being the voice of reason and fiscal common sense.

Word from last Wednesday's County Commission meeting is that some of the folks on that board were looking to double their $12,500 allotment for incidentals and expenses.

It was not that long ago that the Sneaky Six were fighting for their six-figure taxpayer slush fund; a fund that Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger wisely wiped from the county coffers.

Sounds like some may be looking to go back to that.

The vote on that will be next Wednesday. Stay tuned.


Be part of the change

Hey, not sure if you heard, but Donald Trump is coming to town Sunday.

Here's a goal and an optimistic hope for Sunday: Nobody get arrested.

If you are a Trump supporter, go and support. If you are a Trump hater, go and protest.

Exercise your rights accordingly. But can we not accordingly exercise our grace and ability to be civil?

Let's hope so.

Enjoy the weekend, friends.

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