Hart: Gun control - just outlaw mass shootings

Hart: Gun control - just outlaw mass shootings

August 23rd, 2019 by Ron Hart in Opinion Columns

Sabrina Herman, gesturing, visits a makeshift memorial on Wednesday, Aug. 14, 2019, outside Ned Peppers nightclub in the Oregon District entertainment neighborhood where on Aug. 4 a gunman killed nine people, in Dayton Ohio. Herman, 41, of Dayton, a hospital social worker, visited with her sister, Tara Luikart, right, of Washington Court House. (AP Photo/Dan Sewell)

Photo by Associated Press /Times Free Press.

With the help of sensationalizing "fake media" and the entertainment business, which makes pernicious, violent video games and movies (think Quentin Tarantino) which I believe play a big role in mass shootings, liberals predictably seized upon the recent Dayton and El Paso shooting rampages to call for more gun control.

There are two hypocrisies here: First, Democrats, Hollywood, government officials and the mainstream media are all protected by gun-toting security. They are safe precisely because their guards have guns, which ghettos, farms and trailer parks do not.

Second, if more laws and gun control really worked, all mass shootings could just be outlawed. I am not sure why we think one more gun law, layered upon past gun laws, will make a difference. It would be ceding more power to our government law enforcement — you know, like the guys who were supposed to be watching Jeffrey Epstein.

The media and public health leftists call the mass murders and killings an "epidemic." The reality is that, as gun ownership has grown since 1991, the murder rate has been cut by more than half. The only thing that is up is suicide rates (91% of suicides are white males, which should make Democrats happy). And guns are not the "cause" of this; Jeffrey Epstein proved that bed sheets can be used to commit suicide. Maybe Dems need to outlaw bed sheets next to get ahead of this alarming trend. Start with 100-count sheets. I hate those.

Millions of Americans are dying from obesity-related causes; perhaps a one-week waiting period to buy a Twinkie is next? Or confiscation of all forks?

Ron Hart

Ron Hart

Photo by Contributed Photo /Times Free Press.

In a year when about 10,000 murders were committed with guns, the "Journal of Quantitative Criminology" (I think it was the May swimsuit issue) found that U.S. civilians used guns to defend themselves and others from crimes at least 989,883 times. That peace of mind is immeasurable.

Of course, politicians jump on any tragedy to grandstand and say there needs to be fewer guns. The El Paso Walmart shooter was a fan of Trump's immigration policy; the Dayton shooter liked Elizabeth Warren's socialist views. "Pocahontas" tried to distance herself from this deranged Dayton shooter and issued a statement that, if he were a fan of hers, he would have used a tomahawk or bow and arrow instead.

Every newscast implies the latest shootings, the numbers of which they wrongly report are way up, were caused by Trump-inspired hate. If he ran into the El Paso Walmart during the shooting and dragged a kid to safety, CNN's headline would be that Trump groped a child.

CNN and the left hate Trump but would never shoot him. If they did, they'd have to admit that guns have a purpose in America.

I am not sure why the left wants to elevate fears of mass shootings and not just allow us to enjoy our remaining 12 years of survival on Earth. Obama/Biden and the Democrats have weaponized the FBI, DOJ and IRS against us. History shows us when any government tells its citizens they do not need guns, that's when people need them most.

The real problem the media ignore are the "gun free" killing fields of Chicago, Atlanta and Baltimore. Trump called out Baltimore, saying "Many people do not want to live there anymore." Thanks to Baltimore's murder rate, fewer and fewer people have to. Chicago's Democrat machine has tried to get control of its murder rate. Its fear is political; if the Chicago murder rate continues at this pace, only Republicans will be left in the city.

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