Jay Greeson

Well, there's already a parade of people marching to podiums to announce their intentions to run for president.

Yay. And, considering the lack of names that inspire, boo.

Two well-known brands were among those mentioned this week.

First, Business Insider reported that Hillary Clinton has not ruled out a possible third run. Psssttttt, Hillary, little secret: We've ruled it out for you.

Also, PopTarts — yes, those PopTarts — have announced they are throwing their frosted tops into the ring. Hey, I'd prefer the new ideas of a heated-up breakfast pastry than the old, warmed-over ideas of Clinton.


Super connections

Earlier this week, we discussed phenomenal growth in betting on Sunday's Super Bowl.

While you may not have any coin on one of the more than 440 prop bets — propositional bets offered ranging from the result of the coin flip to the color of the Gatorade thrown on the winning coach — every American has at least some chance to win something.

We know that if the game goes to OT, Buffalo Wild Wings will give every American some wings. That's cool. Let's tie.

Also, we now know that Pizza Hut and Hardee's are offering freebies for certain Super situations.

The family that can document through social media that their baby was the first born in the U.S. after the Super Bowl kickoff right around 6:30 Sunday evening will win free pizza for a year and tickets to next year's Super Bowl.

If any player in the game returns an interception for a touchdown, Hardee's will give away sausage biscuits to everyone on a day in February.


Speaking of food (kind of)

OK, did you see the story that Tyson is recalling tens of thousands of chicken nuggets because of rubber contamination? Seriously.

That leads to a couple of queries, right?

First, how many chickens are we plowing through a day if we're recalling that many nuggets, and it's not even a blip on the radar? (Never mind the fact that we as a nation are going to consume more than 1 billion chicken wings on Sunday alone.)

Next, have you had a Tyson chicken nugget? As 'chewy' as they are, the chief concern about rubber being included would have to be not enough inserted, right?


Making the case

Kudos to the Hamilton County District Attorney's Office for trying to explore every possible way to protect those brave enough to stand up and testify against the criminal element on our streets.

And let's go a step further: if you are a defense attorney and unwilling to sign the confidentiality agreement, think again.

Yes, defend your client as vigorously as you possibly can, but not at the expense of the safety of the folks brave enough to try to do the right thing.

Defendants understandably have the right to face their accusers in a court of law. That's a good thing.

Defendants — especially those involved in organized gangs — should never have the knowledge or the chance to intimidate, threaten or harm the accusers or witnesses before their day in court.


Obit observation

It's undeniable that previous generations acquired strength through adversity more than current generations, right?

When you are forced to adapt, overcome or do without, it makes you mentally tough and stronger than enjoying a lifetime of easy access to so much.

With that, we raise a silent nod of praise to Sam Goodwin, who died Tuesday. He was 75.

Strength can come from so many places. It can come from living a life devoted to God. From living a life devoted to family. To a life well-committed to providing for others. By surviving pain and moving forward.

Sounds like Sam did a lot of those, working his entire life in the demanding — on person and family — field of driving a truck. He and his wife of almost 50 years, Darlene, also suffered through every parent's worst nightmare, the death of a child.

Rest easy, Sam, and thanks for your strength.

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