Jay Greeson

Hey, who doesn't love chicken tenders, right?

But c'mon people. Road-kill chicken fingers? Seriously?

Last weekend, a traffic accident and an overturned 18-wheeler spilled countless chicken fingers on Highway 35 in Cherokee County, Alabama. The Cherokee County Emergency Management Agency tweeted out for no one to stop and get the chicken tenders off the side of the road. "You're creating a traffic hazard!" the tweet read, and there were threats of anyone doing it facing charges.

Charges? Traffic hazard? How about carnage and a health hazard? "It's a crime to impede the flow of traffic" the agency said. Here's betting the folks who eat those road-killed chicken tenders are going to have several issues with flow.


Changing lanes

We have a for-real, for-sure parking problem downtown.

Well, it's not a problem for those folks charging $10 a space, but that's another story.

The parking paradox, though, popped into my head when I saw Thursday was Lime Electric Scooter Demo Day. With a little more notice, federal employees and bank folks likely would have declared it a holiday.

So did you take a twirl on a Sprite Scooter? Me neither.

But something tells me our downtown wizards are going to add a "Scooter Lane" before we can blink.


Obit Observations

We head into 2019 hoping to make our regular chats more entertaining. With that, let me introduce Obit Observations, what I hope to be a regular Saturday item about some of the amazing stories of folks in our community on the obit page.

Yes, it can be easy to skip over the obituaries, but I've found that the older I get, the quicker I turn to the TFP obituaries each morning.

Sure, there are the sad occasions when familiar names such as Bob McKamey are on those pages, and we all know the legacies and holes left by their passing.

But so many of the names and stories on the obit page deserve an extra mention.

We'll start with Andrew Jackson Jr., who left us last week at the tender age of 103. Yes, 103.

Think of the changes in this life Mr. Jackson, who was born on the first day of March in 1915, saw. Think of the legacy for everyone around Jackson, who was married to Christine for more than 65 years and a fixture of his community.

Rest easy, Mr. Jackson. You left the world better than you found it.


Saturday star

Let's go this morning with Chattanooga DA Neal Pinkston.

Good sir, thanks to you and your staff for trying to find any way possible under the umbrella of legality that can help us fight the good fight against the scourge of gang violence on our community.

Until next week.

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