Jay Greeson

OK, the Chattanooga Beer Board cancelled another meeting.

Was anyone else hoping that the reason was "hangovers" in the news release?

I know I was. Sadly, it was because they did not have enough folks to, you know, actually meet.

OK, if you can't commit to attending a board that meets all of twice a month, then you should not be on said board.

Or maybe the beer board could start serving beer at their meetings, and then more bored folks would like to meet.


Getting your kicks

I get the conversation about supporting local.

In produce. In small business. In whatever endeavor or industry that matters to you and your family, it's always a good thing to keep Chattanooga money in Chattanooga when you can.

But in terms of the soccer brouhaha around these parts, well, I think some Red Wolves perspective is certainly called for.

The Red Wolves have come to town with a high-caliber brand of soccer. If you want to visit your local Mexican restaurant, that's cool. But that does not mean you have to be anti-Chipotle when that chain opens soon.

The Red Wolves offer options. Any discussion about the CFC or the Red Wolves must include what the newcomers are doing — and spending — to create a facility in East Ridge, which will have a huge impact on a community that certainly could use the investment.

(Also, as everyone in Hamilton County sticks their hands out to or into the pockets of taxpayers wanting more, it must be mentioned here that Bob Martino and the Red Wolves organization are funding their new soccer facility with their own dimes.)

Yes, the concern for each organization about whether there is enough fan support — physical and fiscal — is real for the business types within each organization.

If you like a higher level of soccer — around these parts we enjoy SEC more than SoCon football, for example — then that's certainly your right as a fan.


Obit Observations

Last week, Felt Stanifer Ables died. He was 99, and he died three days short of turning 100.

Can you possibly fathom the changes Felt witnessed in all manners of life?

His obit caught my eye for a slew of reasons.

The length of his life. The strength of his will — he was preceded in death by his parents, all his siblings and even a previous wife.

And his contribution to this world: Mr. Ables served in World War II and received the Purple Heart for service in the Battle of the Bulge.

I wonder how history will view today's generations.

I know history can only say "thank you" to Felt and those of the Greatest Generation.


Saturday stars

This is Father's Day weekend, and I know that among my many jobs I respect, revere and treasure my role as a dad more than all of the others.

So to all the good fathers out there, congrats and enjoy the weekend.

To the bad fathers and the deadbeat dads, I scream, "Shape up." It's almost never too late to try to be more involved in the lives of your kids.

And I will add this: To the sons reading this, do not just make Father's Day a priority; make the relationship with your father a priority.

This will be the first Father's Day since my dad died last August, and I can't count how many times I have picked up my phone wishing I could call him.

Make the most of the time you have while you have it, friends.

Enjoy the weekend.

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