Jay Greeson

I have converted.

When we change the clocks this weekend and "Spring Forward" we just need to leave them and go.

No more falling back. No more spring adjustments. Get a clock, settle on it and let the sand fall.

The original notion was to aid the farmers and their need for more daylight in the harvesting season. Well, now in this country, we have scenarios where farmers are paid not to grow crops or to cut back on their harvest.

It's time to fix the time, once and forever.


Bad Day

No one wants to spend the day in court. It's worse than doing a tax audit in the dentist's chair.

But there seems to be a bigger question to ask about the whole Melody Day thing, right?

Day, a lifetime educator, was ordered not to return to a Belk store after she played a shell game with price tags and receipts.

We all make mistakes, and no one wants to be judged on their worst day. But an important point here:

With Day in a position of leadership — and the person who is atop the food chain of student discipline — is paying back the ill-gotten funds and staying away from Belk locales enough of a punishment for someone we look to to lead our kids?


Obit observations

The suggestions for this spot have become arguably the best part of my weekly email.

This week I was reading about Willie Rubel Clayton, an 85-year-old who died Wednesday.

Clayton and his better half Patty were married for 63 years.

But the thought that I could not escape was how many lives Clayton touched. Seriously.

He was a gospel preacher for more than 50 years in churches in five states from Michigan to Georgia. He was a public school teacher for almost 30 years. He has seven grandkids, 17 great-grandkids and two great-great-grandkids.

Think about the circles that Willie touched, influenced and affected. Man, that's a legacy few can match.


Saturday suggestion

Earlier this week — to the surprise of very few — the Hamilton County Commission elected to spend six figures on the Ed Johnson Memorial.

That's the panel's right. It's how the system works, and I love democracy.

But our right is to make your feelings known. If you agree with the decision, let your commissioner know.

If you don't like the decision, likewise make your opinion known.

But go a step further. Write this down, especially with the whispers about back-room school budget chicanery and possible future efforts of commissioners to reinstate discretionary funds and perhaps looking to get pay raises to full-time wages for part-time jobs.

Don't be a bitter voter the next time these cats come up for election. Be a better voter.

Until next time.

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