It's not easy being cheesy, and then there's this:

A French chef named Benoit Bruel set a Guinness World Record for the most varieties of cheese on a pizza this week. More aptly, Bruel shredded the mark.

Bruel used 254 different varieties of cheese for his record-setting pie, exactly 100 more than the previous Guinness mark.

Who knew there were that many cheeses to begin with? And buckets, it feels like there should be some sort of constipation joke here.

Alas, I'm stuck.


Big debut

We talked earlier this week about the first month of legalized sports betting in Tennessee. The final numbers for the month of November will be available in coming days.

Well, the good folks at shared an interesting breakdown of a variety of factors to guesstimate that the state handled between $125 and $135 million, or an estimated 13.2 million transactions.

If numbers are close, and the numbers — $27 million handled and the state getting more than $500,000 in taxes on the winnings of the four online operators — from the first week of betting in November released by the Tennessee Lottery stay consistent, that would be roughly $2.4 million for the state.

And at a time when our state — like every other state and business everywhere — is searching for reliable revenue streams, this is gold.


Student fees

As a lot of Americans shudder at the ridiculous idea of paying off all the college student loans out there and adding another $1 or $2 trillion to the ever-growing national debt, there was another tuition story that caught my eye this week.

Students at the University of Georgia and the Georgia Institute of Technology are suing their schools to recoup portions of their tuition on the grounds that the online learning experience isn't the full college experience they agreed to pay for.

It's an interesting theory, and one that makes some sense. Whether it makes legal sense will be up to the courts, but you can bet every college in the country will be watching this one with a clinched checkbook.


Obit observation

There were several obituaries this week that popped off the pages of the Times Free Press.

There was the beautifully kind words about Billy Askew, who died Wednesday at the age of 83. There were the amazing accomplishments of Dr. Thomas Mullady, a well-known and widely respected internal medicine physician who died Monday at the age of 90.

But the conclusion of Billie Cooze's obituary made me smile, and hopefully the sight will make her smile from above.

While her husband of 61 years, Bill, and the rest of the family certainly will miss Billie, this request envisions a true celebration of a life worthy of such.

The obit read, "In celebration of Billie's love of wearing hats and vibrant and colorful clothing, the family would love for all attending to wear bright colors, especially red since that was her favorite color."

Amen, and here's hoping for a full rainbow in her honor.

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