The build-up was blustery.

The decision was dull or, more apt, just delayed.

The asinine idea of reinstating the grossly inappropriate discretionary spending accounts of $100,000 each for our nine Hamilton County commissioners was pulled Wednesday.

That sounds like a great thing for those of us with enough sense to come out of the rain and see that these discretionary funds are at best wasteful and, at worst, unethical.

County Commissioner Warren Mackey said, "you don't ask a lot of questions that you don't know the answers to, and you don't bring a resolution to the table unless you have the votes." And then Mackey offered some insight that, if true, should make all of us right-thinking, fiscally responsible Hamilton Countians wary of the goals of the majority on this commission.

"I truly believe I have the votes." Read that again.


If there are five commissioners willing to vote for this, well, that's shameful considering most of the voters in this county are against discretionary spending accounts. Secondly, if there are three commissioners other than Mackey and erstwhile discretionary fund fundamentalist Tim Boyd, then I'd like to see someone else step forward.

Let us all see your pet projects and personal priorities that obviously are more important than the wishes and the wants of the people who elected you.

Mackey pulled his resolution to reinstate discretionary spending accounts, "but I am pretty certain I got the votes."

He said he pulled the resolution because of concerns raised in a newspaper editorial about whether those who didn't support discretionary funding were being labeled racist, anti-poor or anti-needy.

"I don't do racism," Mackey said during Wednesday's Zoom commission meeting.

Mackey is right about one thing: This has nothing to do with racism (and the referenced editorial only speculated how opposition to Mackey's resolution could be characterized).

In fact, the only color that matters here is the green of your tax dollars potentially going through commissioners' pockets to pay for whatever pet projects they fancy.

So, for the time being, those of us against discretionary funds can take solace that resolution 7-20-28 did not pass Wednesday.

"I can and will bring it back later when some of these tensions have died down," Mackey said about another future swing at these discretionary disasters.

Yes, 7-20-28 was pulled Wednesday. But our efforts to remind who Mackey believes are at least five commissioners that these funds are not needed or wanted by the people is far from finished, apparently.

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