Billionaire Elon Musk is a lot of things.

Eccentric is clearly among them. Earlier this week, Musk announced the birth of his son with a social media post, "Mom & baby all good." Great.

Then, after being asked the little one's name, Elon tweeted "X Æ A-12 Musk."

Thankfully the state of California stepped in and stopped Musk from putting his son on the path to a lifetime of schoolyard teasing.

X Æ A-12? Really? Hey, we're long past the days of Fred or Tom or some of the old-school names, but X Æ A-12?

Hey, Elon, what about "Brut Musk" or "Old Spice Musk" if you want different?


Fiscally ill

The divide between what's best for the economy and what's best for society in terms of public health is constantly intersecting these days.

Part of that has been the billions of dollars in relief from the federal government to citizens and businesses. There are true needs — the unemployment numbers alone are historic — and people are hurting.

But there has to be a level of fiscal conservatism, too.

To that end comes news of one of the first bipartisan-sponsored bills in recent memory. A New Hampshire Democrat and a Pennsylvania Republican pitched in the House the "Opportunities for Heroes Act" this week. Its name sounds great, right? Its design is admirable. Its real impact will be the bankruptcy of our national economy that my kids' kids will still be paying off.

It would be part of the next economic stimulus bill, if passed. The first part of that act would be to form a task force to determine which jobs are essential, starting with medical workers and ranging all the way to grocery store clerks and postal workers.

Then, each of those deemed essential workers would get $25,000 in federal money to pay off student loans or to use for extended education. And if they don't have student loans or Lil Johnny down at the Kroger does not plan on going to Chattanooga State, he can keep the money or give it to family.

Where have the socially moderate, fiscally conservative leaders gone?


Taking aim at China?

A power pack of Republicans that includes Sen. Marsha Blackburn of Tennessee put their noggins together and came up with this doozy.

They want to rename the street that the Chinese Embassy is on "Li Wenliang Plaza" to honor the late Dr. Li Wenliang, the Wuhan scientist who tried to warn the world of the coronavirus before Chinese leaders silenced him.

"Dr. Li took a great personal risk to tell the world about COVID-19 despite the looming threats of, and subsequent forced censorship by, the Chinese Communist Party," Blackburn said in a statement. "Even when he contracted the virus, Dr. Li continued his efforts to communicate his experience and what he knew about it. Dr. Li is a hero. In naming this street in his honor, we will show the Chinese government and the world that truth prevails and free speech is paramount to who we are as a nation. The American people are grateful for his sacrifice."

OK, one, when he was staring down death, you think the good doctor wondered, "Yes, this stinks, but it will be worth it if I can get a Washington, D.C., street named after me. That would be cool."

And two, can we call Blackburn and her street-renaming cohorts the Wuh-Take-That Clan?

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