My favorite athlete from the Olympics continues to inspire.

Tamyra Mensah-Stock became only the second American female wrestler ever to take gold and the first Black female wrestler to do so.

Mensah-Stock's story is filled with the type of feel-good, made-for-TV-movie moments that make it dusty when you watch. (Or as my daughter asks, "Daddy, are your eyes sweating?")

She lost her father, who died in a car crash coming home from one of her wrestling meets. She won the U.S. Olympic trials before the 2016 Rio Games but did not get to go because the U.S. had not qualified in her weight class, so she went to Rio anyway to work as a training partner for those who qualified in other weight classes.

And best yet, amid all the COVID-19 distractions and protests of these Olympics, Mensah-Stock won gold and afterward shared a love for her country that was awe-inspiring. Amid tears and sobs, she touched all the buttons — from family to goals to being an example of patriotism for all female competitors.

"It feels amazing. I love representing the U.S. I freaking love living there. I am so happy I get to represent U-S-A!," is how she ended her post-match interview.

Now, back home in the good ol' USA, we get word that Mensah-Stock is taking her Olympic stipend and spending it on ... the food truck her mother has always wanted to own and operate.

God bless America and Tamyra Mensah-Stock.


Vroom, vroom

Head on a swivel, Sequatchie Valley.

If you're in the backwoods of Sequatchie County and hear some "Mad Max Beyond Thunderdome" rumbles, just relax.

It's not a power wave of two-wheelers. It's the Red Bull Tennessee Knockout competition, which brings some of the best moto-athletes in the world to our area this weekend.

The three-day event started Friday and will include some of the top pros as well as 300 amateurs riding through the knock-out stages leading up to Sunday's championship.


Announcement time

It's been a very newsy TFP this week.

It also allows for good timing: If you have to raise service rates, boost tax rates or — if you are some sort of public figure — now is the time to air it out.

Amid all the delta variant hubbub and the return to school and the machinations over mask mandates, this week was a great time to note that Chattanooga Gas will increase rates more than 8% and that Signal Mountain and Red Bank are raising property taxes — like Chattanooga — to pay for employee raises (don't get me started on that one, friends).

Oh yeah, District Attorney General Neal Pinkston continues to fight with Hamilton County Commissioner Tim Boyd.

But we taxpayers will remember property tax increase come election time next year. You can count on that.

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