A vulgar chant condemning President Joe Biden was trending on social media over the weekend, a chant that has reverberated in college football stadiums during the first two weekends of the season in Austin, Texas, in Auburn and Tuscaloosa, Alabama, and in Knoxville, too.

I wish those folks would use the good sense their mommas tried to give them. Show some class, people, for Pete's sake.

And if not for Pete's sake, for your sake. For the sake of the 8-year-old in the stands who is trying to attend a fall rite of passage across the South. For the sake of being better and for wanting better than what we have.

Hey, I didn't vote for Joe, and if we're handing out actual letter grades, he's closer to that F than an A in my book.

But big picture, he's the president, and if you don't respect the office (no matter who occupies it), then you disrespect our nation.

What a terrible message this sends.

I'll bet you a thousand MAGA hats that if any player or coach at any of those games would have taken a knee during the pregame national anthem, the anti-Biden chanters would have been booing as loudly as possible for ... wait for it ... disrespecting our country.

And I'll go double or nothing that all of the Bleep Biden Bemoaners who were outraged by the teams that turned down the traditional championship invitation to the White House because it came from Donald Trump were also ticked because ... you know ... it was disrespectful to the office of the president.

How's this any different?

The answer: It's not. It's just that the previous disrespect was done to your guy, so it's now OK to disrespect our country and the office of the president because their guy is sitting there, right?

That's the fundamental definition of hypocrisy, and it helps explain why our country is so fractured.

I would implore those chanters to reconnect with some respect for their country. But first they will have to start with finding some self-respect.

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