Photo by Bandar Aljaloud/Saudi Royal Palace via The AP / In this image released by the Saudi Royal Palace, Saudi Crown Prince Mohammed bin Salman, right, greets President Joe Biden with a fist bump after his arrival at Al-Salam palace in Jeddah, Saudi Arabia on July 15, 2022.

Democrats do not understand economics. They think resources are finite, that a pie can only be split up in so many slices, and if you do not get yours then someone else gets it. Their whole economic goal is to tax or take the money or production (the pie as they see it) of someone else, for their own benefit.

What Dems do not understand is that "pies" are not finite. They can be grown by the productive, and thus the makers can better support the takers. You can make more pies; it is called unfettered capitalism.

What this Biden administration also does not understand is the simple concept of supply and demand. This is the underpinning of everything in business and economics. The types of policies that Biden is "supplying" are not in "demand" — by anyone.

Biden's disastrous economic policies are felt by all Americans. Yet his latest press secretary maintains we are doing the best we have ever done economically. Inflation is up, supplies on store shelves are thin, and the stock market has gone to bear territory. It seems like the administration is saying we are not in a recession; we are just in the worst "economic boom" ever.

Either because of his lack of understanding or his propensity to say things untethered to reality, Biden blamed Putin for the rise in oil prices even when they were rising well before Putin invaded Ukraine. Then, when that did not work, he blamed big oil companies and convenience store owners. It all happened so quickly; the media still had their Blame Putin decorations up when it suddenly became Blame Big Oil season.

So, Biden had to go to the nefarious human rights abusers, the Saudis, bicycle helmet in hand, to beg them to produce more oil. He could have saved himself and the environment the inconvenience by just asking Texas and Louisiana to produce more gas. But he went to the Middle East. Libs dislike the South even more than they do murderous theocracies.

Remember, this is the regime in Saudi Arabia that the CIA believes murdered a journalist, treats women unfairly and celebrated Pride Week by hanging homosexuals with a rainbow-colored rope.

There are obligatory things you do when you go to the Middle East to see the Arabs. You make nice with the Jews first, so Biden stopped in Israel. He went to the Wailing Wall; we know this because he insisted on carrying a harpoon.

Now how can Biden save face with the left? He could have Texas oil wells identify as trans-solar panels, and then he could send the FBI down there to protect them.

He could order the nation not to use gas for two weeks to "flatten the curve" in price hikes. If all else fails, the XL Pipeline could offer Hunter Biden a high-paying, no-show board seat so as to open up that oil flow.

The Saudis just took some of our best golfers with the LIV Tour funded by $110 per barrel of oil. They do have a passing interest in American golf, and I fear they may think Biden is Ted Knight's Judge Smails character from "Caddyshack." His grandson, Spaulding, would be Hunter in this farce of an administration.

Hunter has become such a distraction, given his shady dealings with Russia and Ukraine. Joe Biden will soon get his top 50 "intelligence" leaders to sign a document saying that any notion that Hunter Biden is Joe's son is Russian disinformation.

Blaming Russia for everything doesn't fly. But rest assured, our Deep State intelligentsia has a plan to get back at Russia and destabilize its economy by plotting a regime change: replacing Putin with Joe Biden.

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