Photo by Evan Vucci of The Associated Press / President Joe Biden speaks during an interview with The AP in the Oval Office of the White House on Thursday, June 16, 2022, in Washington.

Believing a politician cares about you is like believing a stripper at a "Gentlemen's Club" out near the airport cares for you. The same people who believe a strip joint is a "gentlemen's club." Such is the case of Joe Biden's presidency.

The last presidential election resulted in the election of a career politician whose judgment has never been good. It has not improved any, and it has gotten us into the awful shape we are in now. Nothing is better under Joe Biden. Our mantra should be, "Don't build back better, just please leave it as you found it."

The Southern border is a lawless mess, crime is rising in Democrat-controlled cities, inflation is rising and the stock market is falling out as if it just had drinks with Bill Cosby. I was in the market for a tombstone and cemetery plot recently, and those prices have gone up so much that even the dead are starting to regret voting for Biden.

The only things going downhill faster than the stock markets are Biden's poll numbers. Even Jimmy Carter is starting to compare Joe Biden to Jimmy Carter. Biden had better start building Habitat for Humanity homes in Delaware soon if he wants to try to restore his legacy.

Biden's people are so out of touch they keep saying the economy is good, the best it has ever been. And for those who do not drive a car, want to live in a house, and have that house heated and cooled — and eat food — then they may be right.

Just for the record, even when handed a fast-tracked vaccine by Donald Trump, Biden botched it. More Americans have died of COVID under Biden than under Trump.

Even Democrats are privately rumbling about Biden/Harris, saying they should step aside and let a fresh group of Democrats screw things up. All their "solutions" involve higher taxes and give them more control over our lives. If Democrats understood how the free market works, all they would have to do is get out of the way and let the economy works its wonders.

And the Democrats know that two years into this administration, they are going to have to produce. Pretty soon they will run out of things to call racist.

Here is the modern Democrat Elected Official Playbook: Dems in D.C. and their inexcusable "mini-me's" in states and cities around the country create a problem. Then they propose "solutions" that give them more power, cost us money and make the problem worse. They applaud themselves with their echo chambers in the media going along. Then in campaign ads they talk about their "progress."

For Dems, when it rains it pours. Nancy Pelosi, whose face is starting to look like a Picasso (and I hate to use a Picasso reference because so many pompous people do and many of them have never listened to his music), is having her own problems. Her husband could not use his influence to get out of a DUI. He goes before the judge next week and might ask if he can get 90 days in jail with no visitation. Or, since the judge knows he's married to Nancy Pelosi, he is credited for time served and is released.

These knuckleheads tell us they have the solution to every complex problem. They cannot organize a one-car funeral. Guys, why don't you stop monkeying with the energy business and try to do something simple first, like banning telemarketers who call our cellphones all day? Prove yourself there and then maybe take on the Ukraine/Russia situation.

Snowflake kids and soft suburban housewives did not like Trump's mean tweets, so we elected a doddering old man who campaigned from his basement. Many of us are starting to believe we should have taken our chances with Kanye West.

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