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Opinion - Free Press Commentary

Thiessen: CNN tries to blame Trump for the Obama administration's leaks

Published Sep. 14 2019

Here's some advice for the media covering President Trump: If you don't want to be accused of reporting fake news,...

Thiessen: Trump's Taliban invite is one of the most shameful moments of his presidency

Published Sep. 12 2019

Imagine if, back in 2011, President Barack Obama had not only withdrawn all U.S. forces from Iraq, facilitating the rise...

Cooper: To Potter or not to Potter

Published Sep. 10 2019

Everything old is new again - even fantasy book controversies.

Stephens: How Vladimir Putin falls

Published Sep. 10 2019

Russian human-rights lawyer Karinna Moskalenko once explained to me how Vladimir Putin's machinery of repression works.

Thiessen: Senate Democrats' unprecedented threat against the Supreme Court

Published Sep. 4 2019

In 2017, Senate Minority Leader Charles Schumer, D-New York, accused President Trump of showing "a disdain for an independent judiciary...

Thiessen: Trump and Biden have the same message: You may not like me, but you must vote for me

Published Aug. 31 2019

During a recent speech in New Hampshire, President Trump unveiled a new campaign line: "Whether you love me or hate...

Thiessen: The Trump administration's inability to defend the defensible

Published Aug. 29 2019

The Trump administration's inability to defend the defensible is simply mind-numbing. Even when the president is doing the right thing,...

Stephens: America the beautiful

Published Aug. 27 2019

As a government official in World War II, Hamilton Warren was outraged to learn a black colleague made half as...

Thiessen: Trump's idea of buying Greenland is far from absurd

Published Aug. 24 2019

President Trump is upset that Danish Prime Minister Mette Frederiksen called his interest in purchasing Greenland "absurd."

Thiessen: If Ilhan Omar and Rashida Tlaib can boycott Israel, why can't Israel boycott them?

Published Aug. 21 2019

During a news conference on Monday, Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, accused Israel of denying her and fellow congresswoman Rashida Tlaib,...

Thiessen: Trump has upper hand in Hong Kong

Published Aug. 17 2019

President Trump has warned China it must respond "humanely" to the protests in Hong Kong if it wants a trade...

Stephens: Diversity, inclusion and anti-excellence

Published Aug. 6 2019

Anyone who has followed the news from college campuses over the past few years knows they are experiencing forms of...

Thiessen: Mueller's testimony was good news for Trump - and Pelosi

Published Jul. 26 2019

Robert Mueller's disastrous testimony has taken the wind out of the sails of the Democratic impeachment drive. That is a...

Thiessen: Bernie Sanders runs into socialist reality

Published Jul. 24 2019

Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vermont, proudly announced this year that his presidential campaign would be the first in history to have...

Thiessen: Democrats say no one is above the law - except illegal immigrants

Published Jul. 17 2019

We have heard a lot about the importance of the rule of law from Democrats lately. During special counsel Robert...

Thiessen: Biden's electability is a myth

Published Jul. 13 2019

Despite a lackluster debate performance, former vice president Joe Biden is still holding his lead in the race for the...

Parker: Acosta displayed rare cowardice before justice - and needs to step down

Published Jul. 11 2019

It helps to know people in high places, especially if you're a sex offender and your name is Jeffrey Epstein.

Thiessen: America is greater than 'just OK'

Published Jul. 11 2019

Maybe President Trump was right that we needed a "Salute to America" last week, because apparently some Americans have lost...

Stephens: Robespierre's America

Published Jul. 8 2019

I was walking through an airport terminal trying to catch a connecting flight Saturday when I spotted a writer I...

Thiessen: Yes, Trump makes nice with dictators, but his tough actions count more

Published Jul. 7 2019

During a single visit to Asia, President Trump embraced not one, not two, but three dictators.

Thiessen: Megan Rapinoe's anthem protests hurt the fight for gender equity

Published Jul. 6 2019

Nike has withdrawn a new themed shoe featuring the Revolutionary War-era flag after former NFL quarterback and Nike-endorser Colin Kaepernick...

Stephens: A wretched start for Democrats

Published Jul. 2 2019

In last week's Democratic debates, it wasn't just individual candidates who presented themselves to the public. It was also the...

Parker: Why millennials may be conservatives at heart

Published Jun. 29 2019

Several current trends among millennials do not bode well for Democrats.