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Opinion - Free Press Commentary

Parker: Hasta luego, Beto

Published Mar. 19 2019

It must be a grown-up thing, but every time I see Beto O'Rourke, I want to fix him a hamburger....

Thiessen: In opposing impeachment, Pelosi is trying to protect Democrats from the lunatic left

Published Mar. 16 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi's, D-California, announcement that she is "not for impeachment" has caused resistance on the left. Pelosi is...

Stephens: Capitalism and the Democratic Party

Published Mar. 12 2019

John Hickenlooper ought to be a poster child for American capitalism.

Gerson: Vaccination skeptics make intrusive public health methods more likely

Published Mar. 9 2019

Another massive study has discovered no causal connection between the MMR (measles, mumps, rubella) vaccine and autism.

Brooks: The impossible 'Medicare for all'

Published Mar. 6 2019

The Brits and Canadians I know certainly love their single-payer health care systems. If one of their politicians suggested they...

Thiessen: Michael Cohen was supposed to provide 'bombshell' testimony. It didn't explode.

Published Mar. 2 2019

Michael Cohen was supposed to provide "bombshell" testimony against President Trump.

Thiessen: Pope Francis's sex abuse speech was a disgraceful display of excuses

Published Feb. 28 2019

Pope Francis's closing address to the Vatican Summit on Child Protection was a disgraceful display of excuses and evasions.

Thiessen: Amazon blow up shows Ocasio-Cortez is an economic illiterate

Published Feb. 26 2019

The left complains that conservatives are "obsessing" over Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez.

Thiessen: Trump shouldn't be forcing Republicans to choose fidelity to him or to the Constitution

Published Feb. 20 2019

If the goal is to build a border wall, then President Trump has made the wrong decision at every turn....

Stephens: Is Nancy Pelosi a climate skeptic?

Published Feb. 19 2019

Is Nancy Pelosi a climate skeptic?

Stephens: Realism and repentance in Virginia

Published Feb. 12 2019

It's probably for the best that Ralph Northam seems determined not to resign as governor of Virginia.

Thiessen: Great nations don't quit wars before they prevail

Published Feb. 11 2019

"Great nations do not fight endless wars," President Trump declared in his State of the Union address. It was a...


Stephens: Howard Schultz derangement syndrome

Published Feb. 11 2019

Howard Schultz of Starbucks fame recently told "60 Minutes" that he was "seriously thinking" about an independent bid for the...

Thiessen: Our political center is up for grabs. Trump just made a play for it.

Published Feb. 7 2019

With Democrats embracing neo-socialist policies to eliminate private health insurance and fossil fuels, America's political center is up for grabs....

Thiessen: Schultz is calling Democrats out for how radical their party has become

Published Feb. 2 2019

Democrats are furious at former Starbucks chief executive Howard Schultz for announcing that he may launch an independent campaign for...

Thiessen: Trump can call Democrats' bluff on border security - and regain his leverage

Published Jan. 31 2019

Having lost the government shutdown standoff, President Trump has also lost his leverage. But there is one way he can...

Thiessen: If Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez were a conservative

Published Jan. 26 2019

If Rep. Alexandria Ocasio-Cortez, D-New York, were a conservative, all anyone would be talking about is how uninformed she is....

Thiessen: Trump shows leadership while Democrats pander to the resistance

Published Jan. 24 2019

Last week, Democratic Sen. Mark Warner of Virginia offered President Trump some advice on how to end the current border...

Douthat: Tucker Carlson versus conservatism

Published Jan. 22 2019

The most interesting thing in conservative politics right now is not the government shutdown and Donald Trump's flailing attempt to...

Brooks: The cruelty of call-out culture

Published Jan. 20 2019

A number of months ago, I listened to a podcast that has haunted me since — because it captures something...

Thiessen: Nancy Pelosi is lying about the State of the Union

Published Jan. 19 2019

House Speaker Nancy Pelosi has written President Trump to suggest that he postpone his State of the Union address, citing...


Thiessen: Trump is surrounded by leakers. Why would he trust them with his Putin notes?

Published Jan. 18 2019

The Washington Post's report that President Trump "has gone to extraordinary lengths to conceal details of his conversations with Russian...

Thiessen: Democrats for wall before they were against it

Published Jan. 12 2019

Barring some miraculous breakthrough, the current government shutdown today will become the longest in American history.