Republican presidential candidate Donald Trump walks to the podium to address a news conference at Trump Tower in New York earlier this month.

A few weeks ago, we waited with baited breath for Fox News commentator Megyn Kelly to ask her first signature question at the Republican debate. Then she broadsided Donald Trump with the question everyone wanted to hear. Was he antiwomen's rights?

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Jim Folkner

Yeah, we've lost face with every nation, Iran's getting nukes, untold millions are "coming to America to a job near you" in a most illegal fashion, and her best shot at him is questioning his record on women's rights? Trump answered it clearly. He does not like Rosie O'Donnell, and she doesn't like him. Good move, Donald. Trade Rosie's vote for untold millions of others.

Then Fox anchors tried a question about immigration. Trump wants to build a fence. Some compare it to the Great Wall of China. That only worked for those hundreds of years it was maintained. Israel calls its current successful wall a security fence. European countries are expanding border security barriers. Trump's opponents argue: Give immigrants welfare and jobs and legal status, and the problem will get better. No, it won't. It doesn't take a farmer to know good fences make good neighbors. Laws matter. What do you tell the millions who waited in line, then studied and passed a citizenship test?

Trump, a New York billionaire developer, doesn't sound so out of touch after all. Maybe that's why people like him. People are tired of politically correct politicians. Consider that all three GOP primary candidates leading in Iowa polls are nonpoliticians — Donald Trump, Dr. Ben Carson and Carly Fiorina. Trump is not a politician. He is a plain-spoken businessman who wants our country saved and restored, a safe place like it used to be.

It's nice to see someone running for office making a real sacrifice. It is costing Trump to run. NBC canceled his reality TV show and all ties; billionaire Carlos Slim canceled his projects with Trump; Macys, ESPN, NASCAR, and the PGA all ceased their relationship with him. Mexican groups and even the Mexican government have declared boycotts of his hotels. New York Mayor Bill de Blasio announced he will review all existing contracts with Trump. Just these measures will cost him tens and possibly hundreds of millions of dollars.

The media have a love/hate relationship with Trump. They love to hate him, but they want him to buy ads. They know he will — lots of them. That worries them, too. He is being thrashed by pundits on the left and right. It seems the "power structure," "elites," "good old boy network," "Wall Street," "the establishment," "entrenched power brokers," "elected politicians," "mainstream media," lefty billionaire George Soros and Fox are all out to get him. What a recipe for success — shades of Truman, Teddy Roosevelt, maybe even Lincoln.

Pile on, guys. Pick him apart. He'll keep hitting the nerve, and you'll keep wondering what just happened. I hear people talk, people who have never voted. I hear them say they are registering and will vote. Maybe you just don't know about that usually silent but deadly majority.

I think the politicians know something is wrong. People understand Iran will get nukes. Obama won't stop them, and the Republicans won't stop Obama.

Trump is attacked for his bankruptcies, but with one to two million people filing bankruptcies each year, I'm betting the public appreciates a real comeback kid. He survived and beat the big Wall Street banks. Who doesn't want that? Trump understands money and debt, and he knows we can only continue a little while longer before that great dark debt curtain falls on us. Then the long night of free world bankruptcy arrives and snuffs out the welfare system, our military strength and leaves us another Third World nation. No one wants that. Maybe it's not too late. Trump hopes so. I do too.

While this is not an endorsement of Donald Trump, it's real close.

Jim Folkner is a local businessman.