Photo by Susan Walsh of The Associated Press / President Joe Biden speaks about "The Inflation Reduction Act of 2022" in the State Dining Room of the White House in Washington on Thursday, July 28, 2022.

The biggest flimflam artists of all time are "nice folks." You cannot deceive people by being mean. The art of the successful lie is practiced by those who speak in platitudes, which are easy and cheap, and smile while doing so — in short, politicians in Washington.

Democrats have an incredible ability to create messages with alternative "facts." They are adept at deception by controlling your emotions. They practice it in politics; a recent example was when they hired a former ABC producer to stage-manage the Jan. 6 hearings' "theatrical production."

Democrats' wordsmithed phrases are usually chosen by focus groups to disguise the truth about their policies. It is not "taxing and spending"; they are "investing" your tax dollars when they squander them. If you think you are taxed too much, you "do not want to pay your fair share." Those are not "illegal border crossers;" those folks are "migrants" or "undocumented workers."

Democrats named their recent green, giveaway spending bill "The Inflation Reduction Act." In their bizarro economics world, printing more government money and taxing people more reduce inflation?

Even the current recession, a term which has always been defined historically as two quarters of negative economic growth, has been redefined by Dems: It is not a recession, just an economy "in transition." I guess it is a trans-economy. And we all know you cannot say anything about the trans-community.

So, to make this recession understandable to their followers, the Democratic Party simply says this is not a recession. It is an economic downturn which "identifies" as a massive economic boom.

When inflation is high and money is tight, a recession occurs when you do not eat out as much. If you are eating out more but it is out of a dumpster behind the Waffle House, that is "a depression."

The Dems' policies have sparked rampant inflation and an economic downturn, yet they only seem to be focused on "getting" Donald Trump. The farcical Jan. 6 Committee closed out its first season without adding any meaningful information. The question they should, but will not, ask is why our government (which spends about $1 trillion per year on defense) let our Capitol fall to the cast of "Hee Haw" in about an hour.

The Deep State's overweening focus on Jan. 6 (FBI billboards nationwide, DOJ, National Guard, barbed wire around the Capitol Building, jailing citizens with scant to no charges, etc.) reinforces to us that Washington, D.C., cares more about its own well-being than ours.

It was leaked that the Justice Department wants to indict Trump for Jan. 6 but won't go after Hunter Biden for his myriad instances of shady political grifting. So, with the political party in power going after its political opponents with the blunt force of government, inflation, empty store shelves, etc., all of this seems to be the best advertising Banana Republic could imagine.

After politically bashing Innovamed (a $2-per-pill safe generic) as stupid and promoting the much more expensive Paxlovid, Biden gets COVID — twice. As of this writing, the president is quick to anger, foggy and confused. In short, thank goodness, he's back to normal, and there are no lingering side effects to Biden's COVID.

Violent war tactics are good when Dems use them. Biden took time off from his COVID isolation to brag about killing a terrorist with a U.S. drone whose six blades sliced up al-Zawahiri on his balcony. So, it was a good day for Biden and a terrible day for al-Zawahiri's housekeeper, who had just cleaned the balcony.

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