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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Back to pterodactyl districts

Published Jun. 28 2019

Get ready for more congressional districts that resemble a dragon, a cow's face, a dog, a pelvis, "a broken-winged pterodactyl"...

Cooper: Hamilton County commissioners hear voters on tax increase

Published Jun. 27 2019

Imagine Hamilton County commissioners who deign to vote their constituents' desires. Five who did Thursday were in the majority in...

Cooper: How politics get worse

Published Jun. 26 2019

A new survey confirms what we have long believed - that the average American is not out on the politics...

Cooper: 'No confidence,' in Erlanger leaders is concerning

Published Jun. 25 2019

No matter how you slice it, a letter expressing "no confidence in the structure of the current Executive Leadership" of...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Beto's blithering border burbling

Published Jun. 24 2019

Although he could boast of recent backing from ancient country singer Willie Nelson, former U.S. Rep. Beto O'Rourke of Texas...

Cooper: When considering a tax increase

Published Jun. 23 2019

On Wednesday, the Hamilton County Commission is expected to vote on Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger's fiscal 2020 budget, the...

Cooper: Trump on sound Iran course

Published Jun. 22 2019

Tell the truth. Is there any action President Donald Trump can take in relation to Iran's recent provocations in the...

Cooper: Airport a solar first, but...

Published Jun. 21 2019

The rhetoric flowed fast and friendly Wednesday when Chattanooga airport officials announced they had completed a solar farm to make...

Cooper: Too much 'winning' emboldens left

Published Jun. 19 2019

Remember when candidate Donald Trump began to riff on "winning" on the 2016 campaign trail?

Cooper: Volkswagen workers make right choice

Published Jun. 18 2019

Tennessee Gov. Bill Lee, U.S. Rep. Chuck Fleischmann and Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger could find other things to talk...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Northam accusers have their price

Published Jun. 17 2019

A number of Virginia Democrats called on their governor, Democrat Ralph Northam, to resign earlier this year after a photo...

Cooper: Trafficking in foreign 'dirt'

Published Jun. 15 2019

His isn't a tactic we favor, but if President Donald Trump keeps saying "your mama wears Army boots," Democrats will...


Cooper's Eye on the Left: Leading octogenarian Democrat

Published Jun. 10 2019

If you thought former Vice President Joe Biden was the dinosaur among 2020 Democratic presidential candidates at 76, you'd be...

Cooper: The suffering for suffrage

Published Jun. 9 2019

If you heard that last week marked the 100th anniversary of women getting the right to vote in the United...

Cooper: A telling poll for Casada

Published Jun. 8 2019

Expecting an opinion poll to be unbiased these days is about as much wishful thinking as expecting unbiased national media...

Cooper: Copeland was a fiscal father

Published Jun. 8 2019

Many Republican office-holders in Tennessee generally and in Southeast Tennessee specifically stand on the shoulders of former state Rep. David...

Cooper: New beginning for a BID?

Published Jun. 7 2019

If a business improvement district (BID) is to become a reality in downtown Chattanooga, the process probably needs to start...

Cooper: Don't forget budget's public safety

Published Jun. 5 2019

Much has been made - and rightly so - about the $34 million Hamilton County Schools leaders have requested above...

Cooper: 'It's time' union voted down

Published Jun. 4 2019

Let's see if we've got this straight.

Cooper's Eye on the Left: Spinning up a candidacy

Published Jun. 3 2019

The brother of 2020 presidential candidate Pete Buttigieg's husband has said the scenario the South Bend, Indiana, mayor's campaign is...

Cooper: The sacrifices of D-Day

Published Jun. 2 2019

On June 6, 1944, 75 years ago this week, around 156,000 Allied troops stared death in the face.

Cooper: Why shouldn't Mexico help?

Published Jun. 1 2019

President Donald Trump was elected in 2016 partly on a promise to build a Southern border wall to combat the...

Cooper: Mueller-infused verbal gymnastics

Published May. 31 2019

The verbal gymnastics surrounding Special Counsel Robert Mueller's words on Wednesday about his investigation of Russian interference in the 2016...