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Opinion - Free Press Editorials

Cooper: Who's reliving the 1980s?

Published Feb. 23 2019

What happened in the '80s stayed in the '80s, right?

Cooper: U.S. Supreme Court, state eye civil forfeiture

Published Feb. 22 2019

We'd like to believe the Tennessee legislature was a little bit ahead of the United States Supreme Court on the...

Cooper: Investing in small businesses

Published Feb. 20 2019

Anyone who has ever owned, been employed by or been closely associated with a small business understands the difficulties in...


Cooper: Fairness and Trump's enemy

Published Feb. 19 2019

If Donald Trump is looking for fairness from "Saturday Night Live," he is looking in the wrong place.

Cooper's Eye on the left: The false MAGA files

Published Feb. 18 2019

What's the only "fact" you remember about the alleged attack on "Empire" actor Jussie Smollett last month?

Cooper: Preserving Tennessee treasures

Published Feb. 17 2019

It probably went little noticed by most Tennesseans last week, but Congress moved a bit closer to helping preserve or...

Cooper: TVA, the syncretist

Published Feb. 16 2019

The Tennessee Valley Authority has the ability to make both fossil-fuel advocates and green power proponents mad. It must be...

Cooper: Trump is doing what he said he'd do

Published Feb. 16 2019

Make no mistake about it. President Donald Trump believes a wall is needed on the country's Southern border.

Cooper: Prohibiting park puffing

Published Feb. 15 2019

Although most public playgrounds are open air, it seems reasonable to prohibit smoking in such spaces both for the health...

Cooper: Restoring felons' voting rights

Published Feb. 15 2019

Felony crime convictions in Tennessee, whether by a state court, a court in another state, or a federal court, cause...

Cooper: When Democrats offend

Published Feb. 13 2019

You could see it coming a mile away.

Cooper: New love for septic tanks?

Published Feb. 12 2019

As it stands now, builders of new homes to supply the fast-growing northeastern portion of the county have their hands...


Cooper's Eye on the Left: Powerlifter wants to switch sides

Published Feb. 10 2019

U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, wants to make sure biological males can compete in women's powerlifting events. She recently sent...

Cooper: Dreaming bigger in space

Published Feb. 10 2019

For baby boomers, who grew up in an era when space exploration offered the fascination and potential of a previous...

Cooper: The King School option

Published Feb. 9 2019

We believe the Hamilton County Schools district is trying to turn things around in its Opportunity Zone schools, but many...

Cooper: Another tax increase for schools?

Published Feb. 9 2019

Two years ago, Hamilton County Mayor Jim Coppinger desperately sounded like he was trying to say something without saying it.

Cooper: Velocity 2040's daunting goals

Published Feb. 8 2019

Achievable, utopian or somewhere in between?

Cooper: Democrats' border solution

Published Feb. 6 2019

The Democrats' proposed Keep Families Together Act reminds us of their ubiquitous use of the term "health care" when they...

Cooper: Greg Beck kept pushing for Howard School stadium

Published Feb. 5 2019

State Sen. Todd Gardenhire, R-Chattanooga, remembers when the need for a new track and football stadium for Howard School first...

Cooper: Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam's defenseless remarks

Published Feb. 5 2019

To say last week might have been the worst week in the life of Virginia Gov. Ralph Northam is an...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: One weekend with Bernie

Published Feb. 4 2019

The leader of the "Draft Beto [O'Rourke] 2020" movement apparently wants to get one rival of the vanquished Texas Senate...

Cooper: The path to job growth in Chattanooga, Hamilton County

Published Feb. 3 2019

Experts can slice and dice reasons or assign blame for comparably slow job growth and racial income disparities in the...

Cooper: Voters and loss of information

Published Feb. 1 2019

A new study has found in essence that, where newspapers shut down, people have less information.