Nathan Deal for Georgia governor

Nathan Deal for Georgia governor

October 24th, 2010 in Opinion Free Press

Few members of the U.S. House of Representatives over the past few years have been more reliably conservative than Republican Rep. Nathan Deal, whose district covers the nearby area of North Georgia.

Now he seeks Georgia's governor's seat against Democrat former Gov. Roy Barnes, who was defeated after one term by current Gov. Sonny Perdue eight years ago.

Gov. Perdue has served with great fiscal responsibility, and Rep. Deal is the right man to succeed him.

Rep. Deal seeks to lower a range of state taxes to boost job growth. He is firmly against illegal immigration. He supports Georgia's commonsense voter ID law, which makes sure only legal residents of Georgia may vote. He is pro-life. And as a member of Congress, he vigorously opposed the costly ObamaCare health "reform."

Liberal former Gov. Barnes, by contrast, cites lots of things on which he would spend more money - from making hundreds of state buildings energy-efficient to raising teacher pay. But where would the money for bigger government come from in a time of recession?

Among other unwise views, Mr. Barnes has said illegal aliens should be given driver's licenses. And he backs so-called abortion "rights."

We strongly support Rep. Deal's election as a conservative governor for Georgia.