Obama vs. 'The Donald'? Horrors!

Obama vs. 'The Donald'? Horrors!

April 15th, 2011 in Opinion Free Press

President Barack Obama has already announced that he will seek a second term in office.

And we know a Republican candidate will seek to replace him.

But who?

Well, some may be surprised to discover that some opinion polls suggest billionaire Donald Trump - for the moment, at least - is at or near the top of the list of potential Republican presidential nominees.

What? An Obama vs. Trump presidential race in 2012? Many Americans would find that a shocking prospect!

Lacking experience and sound judgment, then-Sen. Obama was a most unwise Democratic Party nominee for president four year ago - and he became a most unlikely victor.

But many surely must also believe that "The Donald," as some call him, would be a most improbable Republican nominee - and a most surprising president of the United States if a majority of voters turned down Obama and selected Trump instead.

We have had some great presidents. We think immediately of George Washington and Abraham Lincoln.

There have been some other outstanding ones, too, depending upon your point of view.

But, unfortunately, we have had some pretty inadequate presidents as well.

We certainly hope we don't have to choose between Obama and Trump in our next presidential election!