Fast response to severe weather

Fast response to severe weather

March 3rd, 2012 in Opinion Free Press

There had been no storm-related deaths in our immediate area as of this writing Friday evening.

If that held true through this morning, we can all be enormously grateful -- especially in light of last April's devastating tornadoes in our region.

Still, tornadoes and severe storms passing through the Chattanooga area Friday and perhaps early today caused serious injuries and extensive property damage.

The Harrison area seemed to be particularly hard hit, with several people suffering injuries. Homes were extensively damaged, and thousand of households throughout our area lost power. Some roads became impassable.

Emergency officials swung into action to help the injured and displaced, even as the threat of severe weather continued.

Meanwhile, volunteers commendably prepared to pitch in in whatever way they could to help those who were affected by the storms.

That is the volunteer spirit that is so typical of the Chattanooga area -- and that was so abundantly evident last spring after a terrifying outbreak of tornadoes resulted in multiple deaths in Tennessee, Georgia and Alabama.

Assistance is now being provided to those who were affected by Friday's storms, and that will no doubt continue in the coming days, weeks and months.

But we are grateful that the harm was not even greater.