Cooper's Eye on the Left: If a senator is on trial...

Cooper's Eye on the Left: If a senator is on trial...

September 11th, 2017 by Clint Cooper in Opinion Free Press

Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was downcast as he arrived at court for his federal corruption trial in Newark, N.J., last week.

Photo by Seth Wenig

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...He's a Rrrrrrr-Democrat

U.S. Sen. Bob Menendez, D-N.J., was enmeshed in a corruption trial in his home state last week.

If a trial involves a senator and corruption, one left-wing television network assumed for no fact-based reason, it must involve a Republican. So, according to the Daily Caller, NBC added to a recent Associated Press article by identifying the senator as a Republican in the lede of the story.

That was a bit confusing — and showed the obvious laziness on the network's part — because Menendez was referred to as a Democrat just a bit later in the piece.

A correction, saying his party affiliation had been "misstated," took the network several hours to post.

News outlets that know Menendez's party have their own way of dealing with it.

A recent 1,300-word article on the senator and his trial in The New York Times did not mention his party affiliation.

A Twitter complaint about such journalistic malpractice brought a tweet from the author, who said it was "not odd, just an oversight on my part after drafts."

It was added back — in the fourth paragraph, not after the first mention of the congressman's name as is journalistic style.


Hillary speechless

The minister who co-officiated at Chelsea Clinton's 2010 wedding and who is considered Hillary Clinton's pastor and spiritual adviser had his book pulled last week when it was discovered to be extensively plagiarized.

"Strong for a Moment Like This: The Daily Devotions of Hillary Rodham Clinton," by the Rev. Bill Shillady, was discontinued by Abingdon Press, copies were to be removed from store shelves and sales outlets, and the books were to be destroyed.

"Abingdon Press has zero tolerance for plagiarism," the Rev. Brian Milford, president and publisher of The United Methodist Publishing House, owner of Abingdon Press, said.

Clinton wrote the forward for the book, appears on its cover and was to promote the book last week in New York.

The problem was discovered when CNN ran an excerpt from the book that bore similarities to another pastor's blog.

"I deeply regret my actions," Shillady later told CNN. "I was wrong, and there is no excuse for it. I apologize to those whose work I mistakenly did not attribute. I apologize to those I have disappointed, including Secretary Hillary Clinton, Abingdon Press, and all the writers and others who have helped me publish and promote this book. I ask for everyone's forgiveness."

Clinton, whose own new book continues the blame game for her 2016 presidency loss with a little mud for then-Vice President Joe Biden and primary opponent Sen. Bernie Sanders, I-Vt., had no immediate comment.


Hurricane Ivanka?

How sad and out of touch is the left today?

A petition has been signed by more than 8,000 people to rename Hurricane Irma to "Hurricane Ivanka."

Ivanka, of course, is the name of President Donald Trump's older daughter, and the nothing-better-to-do petitioners say such a move would be appropriate because she is "complicit in the destruction" the nation faces from the president's climate policy.

The name change, the petition to the World Meteorological Association goes on to argue, would pressure the administration to change its climate policy.

"By packing the administration with climate change deniers," it reads, "withdrawing from the Paris climate accords, dismantling a federal advisory committee on climate change, and dealing blow after blow to the scientific community, the Trump administration has shown that it is completely irresponsible when it comes to climate change."

Ivanka, it says, promised to influence her father on climate change but has "quietly accepted the administration's lack of action."

Earth to petitioners: The name, chosen years ago for 2017, will not be changed. Please do get on with your lives.


Not just no, but...

A Democrat told the truth last week about President Donald Trump. That, in itself, was news. But Los Angeles-area U.S. Rep. Brad Sherman said what most Trump supporters have realized since he took office.

It doesn't matter what the president does, the left will oppose it.

Sherman, who already has filed articles of impeachment against Trump, made his pronouncement before the Los Angeles Times editorial board. Had a Republican said such a thing, he would have been excoriated by the newspaper's editors and all left-wing media. But the congressman will get a pass on it because of Democrats' cozy working relationship with the national media.

What did he say?

Sherman said his California constituents were so afflicted with "Trump derangement syndrome" that he would oppose Mother's Day if Trump endorsed it.

He said it. The rest of his congressional colleagues just practice it.

So, it won't matter what Trump proposes. Democrats will be against it.

We only wish Republicans had tried out the tactic with a little more diligence when Barack Obama was president.

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