Cooper's Eye on the Left: 'Economy rescuer' back in charge

Cooper's Eye on the Left: 'Economy rescuer' back in charge

January 7th, 2019 by Clint Cooper in Opinion Free Press

New Speaker of the House Nancy Pelosi was said to have "rescued our economy" by one of her fellow members last week.

Photo by J. Scott Applewhite

Unparalleled Pelosi

Democrats selected U.S. Rep. Nancy Pelosi for speaker of the House last week — much to the delight of Republicans, who will find it easier to raise money off her status (with her Gallup disapproval rating much higher than her approval rating) — but one New York congressman went a little far, saying she "rescued our economy" during the Great Recession.

Well, let's check out the record. It was under Pelosi's previous leadership that the recession in question occurred. Of course, she wasn't solely responsible, but Democrats did control Congress — the House and the Senate — when the bottom fell out of the economy.

U.S. Rep. Hakeem Jeffries, D-New York, apparently with a straight face, said she had "a track record of legislative success that is unparalleled in modern American history." In saying she "rescued our economy," he proceeded to list several reasons — including Obamacare, a minimum wage increase and added bureaucracies — that, instead, prevented the economy from having much better growth after the recession ended.

Americans liked the job Pelosi did so much, they swept her party from House leadership in 2010, Senate leadership in 2014 and the presidency in 2016. And then the economy took off. We''ll see if they like Pelosi Round 2 any better.


Man, he's pregnant

Twenty years ago, this would be National Enquirer fodder along with John F. Kennedy living on a Greek island and aliens invading a small town in Kansas. But today? Just routine if you consider all that's involved perfectly fine.

So, a transgender San Antonio, Texas, woman who identifies as a man is pregnant by her gay boyfriend, and the pregnancy "definitely was not planned."

The bearded, breastless but still vagina-ed Wyley, whose Grindr account describes him as a "country boy" who "loves the wild" and animals and is a vegan, lives with boyfriend Stephan in a converted bus in their friend's backyard.

The couple didn't believe Wyley could get pregnant because of all of his testosterone treatments, but apparently surprise pregnancies come in all varieties.

"As a gay person," said Stephan on the show "Extreme Love," "I don't think I ever really planned for biological children." Subsequent episodes would determine what they did with the pregnancy.


God's plan for abortion

The pro-abortion crowd is spreading its wings by reaching out to the faithful and to children.

Amelia Bonow, who co-founded the #ShoutYourAbortion campaign praising women who had their children surgically removed, released a video on YouTube last week saying not only is abortion OK but it is "part of God's plan."

In the video, she explains to two young teens that she had an abortion a few years ago because she simply "didn't want a baby" after having unprotected sex. Of the unprotected sex, she said, "I wouldn't say that I was being reckless at the time. Mistakes happen."

In the video, in a statement dentists should love, Bonow says having an abortion is like a "crappy dentist appointment."

Also in the video, when a boy asks what God thinks about abortion, she says, "I think it's all part of God's plan" and that, after all, life doesn't begin until "a person has a baby."

Coming soon, Bonow adds, is a children's book on the subject in order to de-stigmatize the procedure. Apparently, comments on the video were a little unfavorable, though, and the comments section has been disabled.


Warren's way

Newly declared 2020 presidential candidate Sen. Elizabeth Warren, D-Massachusetts, says since 7,000 people are out of work in her state during the partial government shutdown, when it reopens, she's donating her salary to ... the 7,000 who were out of work? No. To a Massachusetts charity? No. To Planned Parenthood? No.

No, she plans to give her salary (for a day? a month? a year?) to @HIASrefugees, an nonprofit Jewish organization "that helps refugees and makes our country stronger in the process," she said.

Naturally, she didn't explain whether refugees, in this case, meant people actually in need of refuge — the type of people the organization has typically worked with — or the term many people are mis-labeling illegal immigrants. Nor did she explain about how expanding the country's borders without any kind of plan made the U.S. in any way stronger.

Stay tuned.

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