Associated Press File Photo / Former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro's campaign for president has pulled out the race card in mentioning "the four white runners" for president.

Castro team goes low

The campaign of former Housing and Urban Development Secretary Julian Castro, who is floundering in the polls and laying off campaign staff in New Hampshire and South Carolina while narrowing his focus to Iowa and Nevada, decided perhaps the race card is what it needed.

So, an email sent last week by campaign spokesperson Sawyer Hackett said, "While the media is focused on the four white front runners for president, the ground continues to shift in the 2020 race — and with candidates dropping out, and others unable to appeal to African American and Latino voters, candidates like Secretary Castro are poised for a breakthrough."

Because he included the race of the leading quartet in the race, he must be intimating a minority candidate by rights deserves to be one of the top four. But earning your position by proportionality is not how one is elected president.

"Secretary Castro will continue to raise issues others are afraid of," Hackett added, "speaking up for the most vulnerable Americans, and showing voters why he's the best candidate to take on Donald Trump."

He, for some reason, didn't feel like he needed to add that Castro is Hispanic.


When 'mostly true' is 'mostly false'

Although left-wing fact check website Snopes rated the claim "mostly false," it acknowledged that Democrats have tried to impeach every elected Republican president since Dwight Eisenhower, who was last in office nearly 59 years ago.

The claim to be examined, often seen in a social media meme, was "Have Democrats tried to impeach every GOP president since Ike (Eisenhower)?"

In fact, the answer is no, because they didn't try to impeach President Gerald Ford, the only unelected man ever to ascend to the presidency. He had been appointed vice president by President Richard Nixon in 1973 after then-Vice President Spiro Agnew resigned and became president upon Nixon's resignation in 1974. He served for slightly less than two and a half years.

But, yes, other than Ford, Democrats introduced articles of impeachment against every other president since Eisenhower. Only against Nixon and current President Donald Trump have matters reached more than preliminary steps.

But Snopes, curiously, rated the claim "mostly false." At 5/6th correct, it should have been rated "mostly true," pointing up impeachment as a regular Democratic political effort when they are unable to win at the ballot box.


Protesting, not cuddling

How pathetic are supposed medical professionals who feel they had to protest the first lady of the United States visiting a Boston hospital to praise a program that employs cuddling to help babies born with a dependency on drugs or alcohol?

Some 200 protesters stood outside Boston Medical Center last week and held signs referring to immigration, which first lady Melania Trump was not there to praise, criticize or discuss in any manner. Fortunately, the hospital's president and CEO did not want to cancel the visit in spite of knowing about the protesters.

"[T]he visit will be a unique opportunity to share our values of respect and inclusion with federal leaders whose policies have a significant impact on the vulnerable populations we are dedicated to serving," Kate Walsh told the hospital's employees in an email, according to The Boston Globe.

Trump, accompanied by Health and Human Services Secretary Alex Azar, ignored the hate.

"I hope today's visit helps shine a light," she said. "It is my hope that what we discuss today will encourage others to replicate similar programs within their own communities."


A million here, a million there

When you're Democratic bank roller George Soros, it's nothing to drop a million dollars for a candidate in a political race. But when he does, it's usually a president, senator, governor or congressperson he's backing.

Last week, for whatever reason, he really, really wanted Republican Monroe County District Attorney Sandra Doorley out of office. In an effort to make that happen, he spent nearly a million dollars, $800,000, on the New York Justice & Public Safety Political Action Committee, which bought television ads for Democratic opponent Shani Curry Mitchell.

Despite the big-footing in such a relatively small race, the GOP incumbent won easily with 56% of the vote.

"[W]e are alive and well," Doorley said, celebrating her victory with supporters. "And look at all the people here. We still have the energy and we will be back. And I am back for another four years, so, thank you, George Soros."

Before election day, she had reacted to the money the financier dropped in the race.

"George Soros doesn't know a damn thing about me," Doorley said, according to The New York Times. "His New York PAC doesn't know a damn thing about me."

Apparently, he doesn't know how to pick winners, either.