New York Times File Photo / U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, attends a House Education and Labor Committee hearing in Washington in 2019, March 13, 2019.

Fellow Democrats fed up

The anti-Semitic rants of U.S. Rep. Ilhan Omar, D-Minnesota, have rankled more than just a few Democrats, though most hold their tongue. But Colorado Democratic Gov. Jared Polis is speaking up with his checkbook, making a $1,000 donation to Omar's primary opponent, Antone Melton-Meaux.

Melton-Meaux raised $3.2 million last quarter, according to campaign filings, while Omar, who was named anti-Semite of the year in 2019 by, an organization that seeks to combat anti-Jewish bias, collected $471,000.

Polis, who is Jewish, may be tired of the first-term congresswoman's hate, in which she — according to — "perpetuated anti-Semitic tropes on Twitter to nearly two million followers and introduced an anti-Semitic resolution in Congress that promoted boycotts of the State of Israel and likened them to boycotts of Nazi Germany."

Omar, according to campaign expenditure reports, is burning through her campaign funds at an alarming rate, with more than $1 million going to her husband's Washington, D.C.-based consulting firm.

Their primary is Aug. 11.


A lot of out-of-state bull

A group of political consultants that wants to flip the Senate to Democratic control recently put out an ad for Montana candidate Steve Bullock, the state's current governor, in his bid to win a Senate seat from Republican incumbent Sen. Steve Daines.

Unfortunately, in this Western state where voters fiercely take pride in their ability to tell the real thing from an imitation, the Washington, D.C., political consultants made a mistake.

In their ad, in which a quintessential Western voice extols the virtues of the state's open spaces, its independence and its strength, the footage under the words shows images of rolling plains and galloping bison — of South Dakota.

The footage, titled "Bison Bull Adult Running Wind Cave National Park Summer," is available to any and all comers if they're willing to fork over $79.

If that footage weren't bad enough, a top aide to Bullock's Senate campaign was exposed last week for his history of sexist and homophobic online comments. Just two of them are "#LiberalTips2AvoidRape / Like It. Then It Won't Be Rape." and "Girls who try to be pretty but still look like they belong in a pile of manure \ #getouttahere."

If Bullock, a failed Democratic presidential candidate, is as fake or reprehensible as those who represent him, Montanans are likely to reject the ersatz for the real thing in Daines.


Communism not so bad

Cal Cunningham, the North Carolina Democrat who wants to be the state's next U.S. senator, touted the "merits" of communism and Marxist ideology as a student body president at University of North Carolina in the 1990s.

In an interview with the student newspaper in 1995, after the collapse of the Soviet Union, he allowed — as many Democrats do today — that true communism has never really been tried.

"There's very much merit in communist ideology, but you have to be careful how you define it," said Cunningham, who noted he studied Marxist philosophy "quite thoroughly. I think that in practice, what we saw in the Soviet Union was totalitarianism in action." Despite some "fundamental flaws," he said, there are "a lot of things we can still take" from Marxism. Communism, he said, is "something that we have more trouble achieving."

While Senate Minority Leader Chuck Schumer said he wanted the North Carolina candidate to be a boring white man who would spend his time during the campaign against incumbent Thom Tillis "in a windowless basement raising money," a la presidential candidate Joe Biden, the real candidate's views are leaking out.


If no one calls us on it...

Twitter recently warned viewers of a motivational post by pro baseball player and former University of Florida great Tim Tebow.

The post, which told viewers that they "have the opportunity to turn however you're being tested into a testimony," was given a "sensitive content" warning for its attachment.

That attachment? It talked about heroes in the Bible who were "wounded deeply before they were ever used greatly." You may not know what victories God is preparing you for, Tebow said, but you should persevere so that you don't miss out on the possible great moments in your life.

Twitter and other social media platforms have come under scrutiny by Congress and others for the way in which they censor content that is religious, conservative, promotes traditional values or supports issues favorable to Republicans while issues favored by liberals and Democrats are promoted without any censorship by the platform. Yet, when called on it, they deny, deny, deny.

Typically, when confronted about the Tebow post, Twitter told The Blaze the censorship was an error and would be corrected.