Letters to the editors

Letters to the editors

June 19th, 2009 in Opinion Letters

Signs don't affect criminal element

There have been numerous letters concerning the pros and cons of recent changes to Tennessee's gun laws. As a retired law enforcement officer I would like to provide some information.

Several years ago, as a detective with a local police agency, I spent two years working in a covert operation. I purchased stolen cars, trucks, weapons and drugs from almost 100 persons. Most were convicted felons, and almost all of them were armed at all times. Most of my encounters with these felons took place in bars and restaurants, but I also made purchases in parks, on school grounds, even church parking lots.

I know firsthand that certain elements of our society will carry firearms everywhere they go: clubs, bars, restaurants, parks, schools, church, public meetings.

Should we allow armed persons in places that serve alcohol? That's not for me to say, but if you plan to restrict weapons in these establishments, the only sure way to accomplish this is to install metal detectors or search each patron as they enter these establishments. The same applies for parks, bike paths, hiking trails, public gathering places. Posting signs will only keep law abiding citizens from carrying in restricted areas. Signs have no effect on the criminal element.



Same-sex marriage not what God meant

I say this because of same-sex marriage, and I think this is going to be the cause of the destruction of the world because God did not put up with it in the old Bible days nor is He going to put up with it now. I don't understand what a man sees in another man or the same for two women. God meant for a man and woman to marry. He did not put Adam and Steve on Earth; He put Adam and Eve in the Garden of Eden, and that is the way He meant for it to stay.

How can two of the same sex have children? They can't, and there should not be any children in a same-sex home. God does not approve of same-sex marriage. That is why He destroyed Sodom and Gomorrah.

I think all of these gay couples marrying the same sex is going to escalate the second coming of our Lord and Savior, Jesus Christ. He said the next time he would destroy the Earth by fire, and between China and Iran all you gay people had better start living right or face the consequences.


Red Bank

Let restaurant owners decide

The new laws pertaining to the concealed carry of weapons into restaurants/bars that serve alcohol are deregulation of previous restrictions. The state Legislature is finally taking an approach less like the federal government and more like the ideas on which the Constitution was founded.

These new laws seem to be based on personal freedom and choice, which most people (liberals especially) seem to be fond of. The choice in this matter belongs to the restaurant and bar owners who can decide whether or not they want to allow legal guns into a private establishment.

All it takes is a small sign on the door and guns will no longer be allowed into those places. Remember that CCW permits are not issued to those who have committed violent crimes or drug crimes. I must ask that before you complain about these new laws, please show evidence that allowing legally owned and legally concealed guns into any establishment puts anybody at risk.