Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

August 22nd, 2010 in Opinion Letters

Don't use recalls for political agenda

In these tough economic times, I can understand the frustration of the public with the implementation of programs that increase city taxpayers' tax burden. I do not agree with using the recall rules as a solution to this problem. I believe that elections are the tool for correcting political issues.

Having said that, my real source of frustration is the desire to remove Manny Rico from office simply because he enforced the rules that do not allow anyone to bring up an item that is not on the agenda at a council meeting more than twice per month. Mr. Rico is to me the epitome of what a good City Council person should be. He works very hard to analyze issues and then states his position on them. He is also at almost all public activities that involve the council.

Although there are some who do not agree with him, there should be none who work to get rid of him by recall because they do not agree with his positions. While they can legally petition for a recall, I believe that such use should be limited to individuals who violate the city's charter and not as a tool for promoting a political agenda.


Police on the ball in Northside crimes

I would like to give kudos to Chief Dodd and the entire Chattanooga Police Department for their recent work in apprehending the burglars who had been plaguing North Chattanooga for weeks as well as their swift action in arresting a suspect in the recent shooting at Riverside Wine & Spirits on Manufacturers Road. Even though the department is currently short of officers, it seems that they are quick to respond and make arrests when alerted to a given situation. We, the public, are often quick to criticize agencies when things go wrong and don't often say thanks when things are done well.

Chief Dodd, thank you and your officers for a job well done, and I pledge my support as a citizen to help keep our streets and neighborhoods safe into the future.


Company saves while we pay

It was commendable for "Trucks 'N Trailers USA" to install 8,000 square feet of solar collectors on their roof (article, Aug. 13). It would be even more commendable if they had paid for it themselves. This solar panel installation cost $240,000. Guess who has to pay about $175,000 of this cost? That's right - you and me. The solar panels will save the company about $12,000 to $14,000 the first year in electrical costs. The U.S. and Tennessee governments will pay about 70 percent ($175,000) of the cost and TVA (another government agency) will kick another $1,000 to the pot.

It seems to me that "Trucks 'N Trailers USA" should have to pay back at least part of their increased profits to the taxpayer. The United States should provide these subsidies in the form of low-interest loans to be paid back rather than outright gifts not to be repaid.


Fleischmann pick without a vote?

Congratulations! We now have the choice between two attorneys to represent us in Washington. Chuck Fleischmann is being declared my new congressman without a vote being cast. We should all be proud to know that for the next two years, a "small-business man" who is a "Christian" conservative will be our face and voice in Washington. Well, that's what the TV ads said. It must be true!



Call for 'unity' from GOP leaders a joke

I volunteered a lot for Robin Smith. The call for "unity" and "character" now from the Republican Party leaders is a joke.

Along with many others, I was there when Robin told us she would only run a clean campaign. Where were the GOP leaders standing for "character" when Chuck Fleischmann's ads were making (unfounded) personal attacks?

We were there when Robin explained every detail of the (false charges) from the Fleischmann campaign aimed at her character. Where were the GOP leaders when they knew the truth and allowed attacks?

Tennessee Republicans have the conservative majority today because of Robin Smith. She worked selflessly in this election with many local candidates in their successful efforts while running her campaign. Chuck Fleischmann won by tearing down, helping no one but himself.

GOP "leaders," you have no credibility and no standing to ask for "unity." You all have a double standard and have allowed this mess. You've lost my vote and many others by saying one thing and doing the opposite. Shame on you, GOP!

You want unity? The local and state GOP owe apologies for condoning this hateful behavior, and Chuck Fleischmann needs to set the record straight.



Funding priorities are out of order

The government will not fund the Border Patrol and TSA (Transportation Security Administration) properly, yet continues to pour billions into the dinosaur called the Postal Service.



Rico puts integrity at top of his list

I am a West Point graduate and 30-year Army veteran and I admire integrity over all other qualifications for public service. I have not known Mr. Rico for long but in three long, candid conversations have measured him to be a person who puts integrity and service above all other considerations.

I do not know the rationale of those asking for a recall but I do know that it is ill-advised to recall an official who will look you in the eye and tell you the truth, even if he disagrees with you. I do not think that the voters of District 7 could find a better person to represent them.

Do you think that the other City Council members voted for him to be chairman because he was weak or dishonest? Certainly not.

Recalls are for illegal activities or malfeasance and not for "taking out" those who might not agree with you.

For those pushing the recall, let me give you some conservative, 62 years-old advice: Attacking Mr. Rico and Mr. Jack Benson, whom I do not know, is misdirected energy and weakening your overall cause.



County leaders don't waste funds

I'd like to thank Claude Ramsey and his staff for their effort to control taxes.

I'm sure they put a lot of work into this. We have fine officers in our county government.

It does what it is elected to do: represent the people of our county.

I think everyone should be proud of what they do. I found Dalton Roberts and Claude Ramsey to be men you can trust who love our Lord and our country.

They have done the right thing.

They don't waste our money.



Recall backers need to grow up

I have recently relocated to Chattanooga from Texas by way of New England. I have also made a huge personal investment to open a retail store in the heart of downtown which some would say was very risky, but I made this commitment because I understand and believe that Chattanooga is on the verge of exploding with new developments and opportunities, and we are!

That said, I am astounded that the small group asking for the recall of certain city officials does not understand the damage they can do to the image and perception of this great city. It is shortsighted, selfish and a potential detriment to all the great initiatives going on in our region today. Think about it - VW, all its suppliers and other supporting businesses, the environmental movement, RiverCity's new initiatives, the $20 million renovation of Mr. Berry's Chestnut Towers, new housing and it goes on and on and on. Just last Saturday we read where Chattanooga was ranked No. 1 by "Business Facilities" magazine for the city with the top metro economic growth opportunity.

What else can I say except recall supporters, wake up and grow up.