'Pickens' plan is good for him' and more letters to the editor

'Pickens' plan is good for him' and more letters to the editor

June 14th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Pickens' plan is good for him

In a recent national meeting held in Dalton, Ga., T. Boone Pickens proposed a new energy plan to "free America from its dependence on foreign oil." His proposal fails to consider a few key facts.

U.S. energy companies are currently selling out American mineral rights to foreign interests as fast as they can find buyers.

Norway, a country that does not allow on-shore drilling for natural gas in its own country because of environmental concerns, now owns a $3 billion, one-third interest in Chesapeake Energy's Marcellus Play.

Other companies with multibillion-dollar ownership of U.S. natural gas leases come from China, India, Australia, Japan, Korea, Singapore, France, Canada and Britain.

Russia has expressed interest.

The push to have export terminals ready by 2015 means that not just the profits from U.S. natural gas will be going overseas. So will the gas itself.

This suits Pickens just fine, as the increased demand created by his government-subsidized conversion of our transportation fleets to natural gas combined with reduced U.S. supplies due to exports will translate to higher profits.


Dalton, Ga.

Fleischmann out of touch

The Chuck Fleischmann "Shameless Self Promotion Tour" (is) in full swing.

Last week, one of the congressman's staff came into my place of employment to see if Chuck could "work for a few hours" and use that time to meet and greet some of his constituents.

Since Chuck is pulling down $165,200 from his federal government job, I don't think he accepted any compensation for "working" on June 10 at a convenience store on Signal Mountain Boulevard.

He of course showed up with reporters and TV cameras in tow. What he failed to consider was his narcissism had consequences. I got bumped from my shift and did not get paid for a day I normally work. Thanks, Chuck!

Rather than continuing to boost his enormous ego with his worthless little sideshow, maybe he could get to work figuring out how to turn this economy around and let the real workers do their jobs and earn their overtaxed, overstretched paychecks.

Congressman Fleischmann is out of touch and seems most interested in representing himself rather than the good people of the 3rd District.