Letters to the Editors

Letters to the Editors

November 19th, 2011 in Opinion Letters

Sponsor children in private schools

In response to the article about the Tennessee Legislature school voucher battle, I agree that this is a great program, but needs tweaking.

Most taxpayers are not willing to support a bill that will tax anything, much less something that will not benefit their children at all.

Instead of allowing a number of children to attend private schools at the expense of taxpayers, there should be an adopt-a-child system that would allow for someone to sponsor a child to go to a private school.

It is already difficult to get a good education from a public school, especially when there are zoning regulations and students are not allowed to go where they wish because their parents cannot afford to move to another district.

Education is the basis for everything in society, and an adopt-a-child system would lower the number of students that are deprived of a decent one and allow for more students to get a better education.


Amnesty didn't resolve problem

In your editorial titled "Don't abandon rule of law" (Nov. 7), you say, "... Congress has repeatedly declined to grant amnesty to illegal aliens."

Yet, over time, Congress has "changed its tune ... depending on who's in office and the political climate."

When Ronald Reagan was in office, the 1986 Immigration Reform and Control Act was passed by Congress. This granted amnesty to millions of illegal aliens. Congress approved the granting of amnesty to illegals in 1986.

It didn't resolve the problem of illegals.


Move institute to allow park

I don't think Moccasin Bend should stay open as a mental health facility.

I think it is a matter of aesthetics.

The first thing that a person driving from Birmingham sees when they are coming into Chattanooga is a mental health facility. I think that Moccasin Bend would be better served as a state park.

Instead of a tourist from Birmingham saying, "Look, there's Moccasin Bend Mental Health Institute!" they could say, "Look, there's Moccasin Bend State Park!"

Moccasin Bend is such a landmark of Chattanooga. Look at all those old photos from the Civil War.

As a state park, I think that the view would be appreciated more. It is right on the river, and there is so much historical significance. There is no reason to have put a mental health institute there, in that location, in the first place.

City officials want to connect the riverwalk to Moccasin Bend anyway. I think the state should help make that walk a more pleasant (and safer) walk and relocate Moccasin Bend and make the place a state park.