Don't bite hand that feeds you

In response to those upset about TVA retiree COLAs, I worked for this government organization for 30 years, not three, and I feel real good about each and every COLA I receive.

TVA retirees have not received regular COLAs, and won't in the future.

Just a reminder, without TVA's work to harness the Tennessee River, Chattanooga would be a soggy lowland, not the beautiful city of today. There would be no need for our gorgeous community of Ooltewah.

Common sense should say not to bite the hand that feeds you.



Local workers aid those in need

I want to thank the Chattanooga electric workers that came to Long Island, N.Y., in the wake of Tropical Storm Irene.

We were without power for seven days when these gentlemen came in with their big trucks and got our power back up and running. They were polite, friendly, and most importantly, did more for us than our own local company did.

Thank you for driving across the country, leaving behind your homes and families, to help those of us you never met get out of the darkness! Thank you!


Levittown, N.Y.

More should think for themselves

What if your first grade teacher had told you 3+3 equals 7?

What if your third grade teacher told you the world was flat?

What if your high school teacher told you everyone was created equal? That you have the world at your feet?

Hence we have the problem. Too many people in this world believe everything they are fed by the media and don't think for themselves. Coincidentally, we have a high unemployment rate and are at the brink of a crippling double recession.

What if we could spend half as much money on education as our politicians spend getting themselves elected to pocket PAC money to prevent education of people who might one day figure it out!

My one constant: The Times Free Press being in my driveway every morning by 5 a.m. so that I can stay informed and know how uninformed the majority of the uneducated are!



Blood drive a positive sign

I am deeply moved and heartened by the decision of the Dalton Ahmadiyya Muslim community to hold a blood drive in that city's Blood Assurance site.

Their website states that the effort is designed to show that Islam values the sanctity of life.

Nothing better exemplifies such a reverence for life than blood donations.

I hope and pray that Dalton area residents come out in droves to share blood. Such a response will not only save lives but could also lead to more positive interactions between Muslims and non-Muslims.


Act won't cut Medicare benefits

The Affordable Care Act, childishly called "ObamaCare" (you never hear tea party/Republicans referring to Medicare as "Johnson Care"), does not cut Medicare's guaranteed benefits. In fact, it expands Medicare coverage by eliminating cost-sharing for preventive services, adding a yearly wellness visit, limiting some cost-sharing in private Medicare plans, and closing the Part D "Donut Hole." Right-wing intentionally misstated reports of the changes in certain Medicare payments have resulted in public fears, as evidenced by letters which have been printed in this newspaper.

Savings are achieved through a series of payment reforms, service delivery innovations, and increased efforts to reduce fraud, waste and abuse. These projections extend the life of the Medicare trust fund by about a decade. None of these payment reforms affect Medicare's guaranteed benefit packages. The law specifically states that the guaranteed benefits in Medicare Part A and Part B will not be reduced or eliminated as a result of changes to the Medicare program.

If you would take the time to search and find the truth instead of repeating right-wing misinformation, you would know that it is tea party/Republicans who would destroy Medicare. Vouchers, which Republicans all voted for, are basically just worthless coupons.


Signal Mountain

Sorry for being burden on nation

We're sorry for being a strain on the government, the taxpayers, the economy and the American deficit.

We're sorry we grew old and become disabled. Life happens and is more cruel to some of us.

When we were younger, we were just like you. We contributed to the economy and paid our taxes. We paid into Social Security and Medicare programs, thinking the money we put in would be there for us when we needed it. So, where is the money we paid in? We could have used it then, but we had to pay our taxes. It's the American way.

Lately, we've been called "deadbeats." But let me tell you who we are. We are your grandparents, your fathers, your mothers. We worked hard to make this country great for you and for the children to come. But not to worry. A lot of us are dying, so that means less of us will be a burden on those of you who think of us as "deadbeats."

Please accept our apologies. We will pray the government will make things better and you will not have to go through life feeling the guilt of being a burden to our future generations. God bless you and America.


Dunlap, Tenn.

Explosives used on third building

Three skyscrapers fell on Sept. 11, 2001.

The 47-story World Trade Center Building 7 was not hit by an airplane, but fell in 6.5 seconds. This could not happen without explosives being used.

Over 1,500 architects and engineers at signed a petition demanding a new investigation with subpoena power to finally reveal the truth. I urge you to join their call, as the future of our nation depends on it.

Please watch their video showing proof of explosive demolition at


Beware of danger that alcohol brings

The escalating violence in the city has our City Council wringing their hands to find a solution, one of which is to require nightclubs to hire security guards.

When the "power structure" decided to reinvent the city, they invited me to view their plans. I told them this was a recipe for disaster, a haven for drunks, bums and gangs. Using tourist as a buzz word, they brought in liquor by the drink and relaxed restrictions on where beer could be sold.

Alcohol is a dangerous, addictive drug. It kills more people than all our wars. It is implicated in the majority of accidents, divorces, domestic violence and child abuse cases and poverty. It destroys the liver, stomach, pancreas and brain cells.

Our city is drowning in alcohol. It is sold in restaurants, convenience stores, bars, night clubs, drug stores and festivals.

More laws, security guards, police presence and lights will not solve the problem.

They can't put the genie back in the bottle. The only solution is for the people to become aware of the dangers. That is not going to happen. The alcohol industry is too powerful.


View abortion as absolute evil

I applaud with everything I am the students who sponsored the graphic photo display of aborted babies at UTC ("Abortion group at UTC draws demonstrators," Sept. 14).

As long as we misspeak about this American holocaust with catch phrases like "medical procedure," "choice," "blob of tissue," etc., we will mislead the millions of women who are uncertain about abortion's true mission: killing children.

We must see evil for what it is, and these pictures help identify specifically the absolute evil that abortion is.


Sewanee, Tenn.