Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

February 1st, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Cartoon caused additional grief

As a journalist, I am keenly aware of the Fourth Estate's right to freedom of expression. However, as a member of the extended family of Judge Bob Moon, I was "speechless" after viewing the editorial cartoon in the Times Free Press the morning of his memorial service.

I believe the timing of the cartoon showed very poor news judgment on your part, akin to something a tabloid rag such as the National Enquirer might do, and not a stalwart news organization such as the Times Free Press, having read your newspaper every day for a decade while I was a public servant in Washington D.C., working for two of Tennessee's United States senators.

At the very least, the publication of the cartoon on the day of Judge Moon's burial, I believe showed a total lack of compassion for a family in mourning. Every public servant, as should be expected, has supporters and well as detractors who have their right to their opinions, as this country is first and foremost a democracy.

But, shame on you for causing a family additional grief we should not have had to bear on the day we were putting our loved one to rest.

LINDA COOPER, Millington, Tenn.

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Bennett foes need democracy course

I've reached the end of my patience with right-wing extremists slamming Clay Bennett's thoughtful, insightful, informed, intelligent, artful liberal cartoons, on my side of the Times Free Press editorial pages.

These ugly diatribes are just so much right-wing superfluous verbosity from those lacking an understanding of democracy. For their edification, democracy is: Rule of the majority, with the right of the minority protected.

Also, the First Amendment of the Constitution guarantees the right of free speech and press. It's a no- brainer, Clay Bennett has the right to express himself in these excellent cartoons and I have the right to enjoy them.

If Clay Bennett's cartoons increases your blood pressure, you have the same First Amendment right not to read them. Simply stay off my side, which is the left Chattanooga Times side of the editorial pages.

I resent uninformed people's attempt to eliminate my First Amendment right to enjoy a free press.

WELDON R. MARKHAM, Member Tennessee Democratic Party Finance Council

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Cartoon on judges cruel, insensitive

Having been repeatedly upset by the inappropriate and mean editorial cartoons of Clay Bennett, I was outraged by the cruel, insensitive parody of Judges Moon and Bales.

Starting my mornings by reading the newspaper has long been a highlight for me, but the Times Free Press makes it harder and harder each day to enjoy. I can only hope you put a stop to the ever-increasing offensive content before forcing me to stop subscribing.

LYNDA WALKER, Signal Mountain