Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

February 22nd, 2012 in Opinion Letters

It's sad that teacher must supply class

That Erika Couey, Ridgeland High School art teacher, spent $100 to better her ceramics program is no surprise (front page story, Feb. 15).

She, like so many teachers, is quite selfless when it comes to her profession. The embarrassment and tragedy of the story is the lack of support for the arts in our schools.


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Virture is lacking in today's society

Your Jan. 31 opinion piece on birth control signifies the skewed values of today's America.

Students do not need contraceptives (as in high school-college). The holy union is for married folks -- who can plan families naturally -- a way to "know" one's mate -- intimately -- producing oneness -- learning the woman's cycle.

Yes, morality of yesteryear is still in effect -- adulterers and fornicators -- (God) Yahweh Elohim will judge.

Pregnancy is not a disease. It is a gift of life from (God) Yah. He opens and shuts the womb. Virtue is sadly lacking in our supposed educated society. We should respect life, purity and decency -- not the provision by taxpayer dollars to fund contraceptives. God have mercy on us.

LINDA ROZAR, South Pittsburg, Tenn.

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Skillern needs to be run off

Initially, I was against Rick Smith being named superintendent for Hamilton County schools. He's done pretty good though.

Who does Fred Skillern think he is? Mr. Skillern takes credit for too much. He claims he ran Dr. Register and Dr. Scales off.

I was in school when Dr. Register oversaw the merger of the school systems, and now Dr. Register is doing an exceptional job in Nashville.

Dr. Scales also did a fine job, in my opinion, and was run off just because he wouldn't bend to the County Commission.

The PILOT money belongs to the school board, not Mr. Skillern.

My son attends Ganns Middle Valley, and while I know that Ganns and Falling Water both need to be replaced, they are not at the top of the list.

Fred Skillern thinks he runs the county and now claims he is going to run Rick Smith out of town. I think Mr. Skillern should be run off. Since his first day on the County Commission, I have seen Mr. Skillern become the torchbearer for backstabbing, and he also is power-hungry. Mr. Skillern is exactly the type of politician that government doesn't need.


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Who put Santorum in the driver's seat?

Re: Clay Bennett editorial cartoon, "Hop in, America" (Feb. 16).

Oh please, let me guess. Hertz put Rick Santorum in the driver's seat. How else?

JOANN LEE FRANK, Clearwater, Fla.

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Something has got to give

Sunday's rant column said: "You pay $1 for every $3 in taxes (you receive) for Medicare. Are those of you who want less government ready to give that up?"

I have a simpler question. I know the math is challenging, but what would you estimate to be the life expectancy of an enterprise that expends $3 for every $1 it receives?

AL COLONNA, Signal Mountain