Letters to the Editors: Gun laws don't affect criminals

Letters to the Editors: Gun laws don't affect criminals

February 24th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Gun laws don't affect criminals

Mr. David Cook's article in the Feb. 16 Metro section indicates that he favors closing the "gun show loophole."

Every gun-control group in the country has been pushing for it for years.

The fact is the existing law requiring background checks by licensed dealers has a questionable influence on the sale of guns to those of questionable background.

The only thing that such guns laws accomplish is to make the general public feel safer. Are they?

The strict gun laws enacted in other countries have accomplished nothing. They only impact the law-abiding citizens and have no effect on the criminal element. Closing the gun show loophole would only add another level of inconvenience to the law-abiding citizen.

Like it or not, the misuse of firearms is overwhelmingly the direct result of social problems. I'm pleased to know that the city of Chattanooga and Hamilton County are taking steps to see what can be done to improve the situation.

Finally, did Mr. Cook truly expect to hear gunshots in the background when he called the Kennesaw city clerk? Get real.



Tirade showed Skillern's character

Robert C. Solomon in 1976 reminded us that anger is one of mythology's "Seven Deadly Sins."

Anger can be seen as an equalizer because it shows true character. Mr. Fred Skillern's anger did just that.

Maybe it is time for a change?

Reporter Haman witnessed an angry tirade by Commissioner Skillern. The situation was summarized quite well in last Thursday's and Friday's papers. The Times editorial stated that Mr. Skillern has used "his misguided personal agenda to control the county school board and the school system's superintendent." His loss of temper shows his ulterior motive of power at any cost.

Hamilton County citizens deserve more from leadership. The students and citizens deserve more visibility and integrity. It should become an ethical violation to hold backroom scheming out of the Sunshine. The oath of office should be enforced.

Also, it is time for all citizens to show appreciation for the honest and dedicated and caring leaders of our schools, city, county, state and nation. Mostly, we should show that we expect integrity, visibility and vision from all of our elected and appointed leaders.

Finally, thank you Superintendent Smith for your dedicated leadership and doing what is best for the school system.



Pipelines don't present danger

A letter published on Feb. 17 indicated that the land for the oil pipeline from Canada through the Midwest will be a wasteland eventually, and not building it will protect our environment.

If the person cares to look up the number of pipelines in the United States, he or she will find a vast amount, especially in Texas and the eastern United States. It is seldom that pipelines break and dump oil products on land or underneath.

The price of gas is skyrocketing here. Oil companies are not allowed to drill in the vast oil lands of Montana and the Dakotas nor in the Rockies. It's estimated that we have sufficient oil in these places that would last about 100 years. And we are shipping our oil offshore when we need it here.

So, who is looking after our people?


Make own choice by electing Haynes

The people in Hamilton County Commission District 3 need to make a choice of their own for this seat.

Remember how Mitch McClure was selected for the seat he now occupies? It was at the hand of Fred Skillern and his skillful movement a few month ago that Mr. McClure was appointed to fill the seat

That is why Mr. McClure's signs says "KEEP" instead of "ELECT." He was not elected. He was hand picked.

After the remarks Fred Skillern made, that were reported last week, about "his ass belongs to me" talking about Rick Smith, do we need someone else who Fred can control or thinks he can control?

Do the people want someone who will listen to their voice about the issues?

Vote for Marty Haynes.



Will pair stand up to 'Boss Skillern'?

We can see clearly now; the gig is up, and the good ole boys' club is exposed by the key players themselves. By his own admission, "Boss Skillern," with the help of a radical school board member, Rhonda Thurman, and a spineless County Commission were able to tar and feather and run two excellent school superintendents, Drs. Register and Scales, out of town at a huge dollar cost to the taxpayers.

It's obvious there was a conspiracy to appoint Rick Smith superintendent. The tell-tale signs were the election of Mike Evatt to the school board and immediate appointment as chairman. Then the shameful procedure by which it was done. To that point Evatt and Smith followed "Boss Skillern's" instructions.

To their credit, Drs. Register and Scales, two men of integrity, never bowed to "Boss Skillern's" demands. They refused to be puppets to a person who cannot conjugate the verb to be in the first tense.

We soon will see if Smith and Evatt can man up to "Boss Skillern." It's clear that they are lying or "Boss Skillern" is lying. I sympathize because they must bend and kiss his ring or as he promised, "his ass is mine."



Tennessee Democratic Party's Finance Council

Checking shows Fox is in Canada

In a letter to the editor on Feb. 5, a gentleman stated that Fox News was not broadcast in Canada because, in his words, "Fox lies."

I am not sure where he got his information or whether he just made it up. Having contacts in the cable business in Canada, I made a few calls. I was assured by the manager of Rogers Cable in Toronto that Fox News is carried on Rogers and most cable systems in Canada.

Interestingly, he pointed out that Fox is one of their most popular channels. People who would censor speech with which they don't agree are a real threat to our democracy. I would include the present administration in that category, as demonstrated by their efforts to reinstate the "Fairness Doctrine."


Haynes a man of his word

A man's character is revealed when he is pursuing money or power -- a saying my dad used to use.

I have watched with great interest the District 3 County Commission race.

For the last 30 years I have either worked with or been involved in business projects with Marty Haynes. His character has never changed over the years.

He stays the course straightforward and honest.

Sometimes it is difficult in business to hold fast to the truth and not bend information to gain a sale. My experience with Marty Haynes has been such that I know when he tells me something about a product or a piece of equipment, he is being honest about the performance of said item.

It is refreshing to know in this day and age of "doing anything or say anything to make a sale" there are still men like Marty who you can count to be a man of his word.

I wholeheartedly encourage the voters in District 3 to vote for my friend and a good businessman, Marty Haynes, for county commissioner.


Inspections cut vehicle emissions

I applaud the success of our county's Vehicle Inspection Program and the improvement of our air quality and hence our quality of life. Rarely am I behind a stinking dioxin, carbon-monoxide spewing car; a common pre-emission control occurrence!

I fret about the uninspected cars from Georgia and surrounding counties on our roads. All commuters into Hamilton County should also be driving compliant vehicles! Then we can tackle electricity consumption.