Letters to the Editor

Letters to the Editor

January 18th, 2012 in Opinion Letters

Dog groomers need oversight

My regular dog groomer is very ill. So, I took my rescued and crippled dog to another groomer on Dec. 9.

By Dec. 16, my dog subsequently required a visit to the veterinarian due to the rough method the groomer used inside of her ear.The vet bill for examination and continuing medication was $70. I stopped by the last groomer to report the vet's opinions and was rudely told to leave their place of business.

I have since learned there are no licensing, training, or other state or local requirements to be a dog groomer in Tennessee. There is no state board or other governing body to whom one may complain about bad, or untrained, or rude dog groomers. The one license required is a local business license, which is only to ensure that a business reports its gross income and pays taxes.

This is absolutely ridiculous. Dog grooming, like barbering and beautician work, should require state mandated training, state professional licensing, and a governing body to monitor the profession.

RICHARD HUGHES, Cleveland, Tenn.

* * * * *

Leaders deride hard workers

What incentive does a young man or lady have in educating themselves today?

Why spend $80,000 or more on school loans to become something in life?

The present government derides the people who have worked hard, educated themselves and are trying to live the American Dream. It seems our present government cares more about the people who won't educate themselves, who will not work, who in turn rely on the government for their needs.

Tax the rich is the cry we hear: take their money and give it to the poor.

This country was not founded on the "freeload" theory and will not survive on our present course.

Our Congress is raping the cash cow and using Social Security and Medicare trust funds.

We pay in and they spend all they can get their hands on; no wonder they are going broke. All we have are a bunch of deadbeat IOUs.

Bernie Madoff was a piker compared to our Congress and president.


* * * * *

Proposed hotel would halt races

Re: Building a hotel in front of the Blue Plate close to the aquarium: This will stop the Head of the Hooch races. Studies show that 15,000 people have come to the most recent Head of the Hooch.

People come from places like Canada just to enjoy watching these races. People say they like the scenery, this is the best regatta to come to.

We have plenty of hotels in Chattanooga and if there are more they might go out of business. The proposed hotel is just around the corner from another one. Studies say Head of the Hooch brings $9.86 million to the city every year. We can use this money for better things like public arts or to give people more jobs. More people would like to have a good time and watch the regatta than have a hotel there.

MARIE COFFEY, Lookout Mountain

* * * * *

Put city on map with better zoo

This is a plea to the city fathers of Chattanooga:

For a city of this magnitude we should be disheartened about the size of our zoo.

If Knoxville (yea Knoxville), Atlanta, and Omaha, Neb., can have a world-class zoo, why not Chattanooga!

Chattanooga has Volkswagen and Amazon (with Amazon here, you would have a better zoo).

Well, back to the point, a new zoo will help the Chamber of Commerce, slow the traffic on I-75 to stop for a while and make better use of our land, i.e., the old TNT site before it became all industrial. We can one-up Atlanta. We had the aquarium first. We can do this! Think about it!


* * * * *

Could stolen ID be used to vote?

With identity theft such a fast growing crime, could you investigate if it might it be possible that a stolen ID could be used to register and vote?

Could "bought lists of IDs" be used to register many "voters" in key districts so that elections might be manipulated?

Could a person with several of these false registrations vote multiple times?

How would such a voter crime be detected without a photo?

How many of us are having not only our identities stolen, but also our precious vote?


* * * * *

No excuse not to use birth control

I am writing to express my opinion about the Tennessee license plate that says "Choose Life."

I feel a person should not put oneself into the situation to have to choose life or abortion in the first place.

People need to do the responsible thing and use birth control. Properly used, birth control cannot only prevent pregnancy but some methods can also prevent sexually transmitted diseases.

It is a person's responsibility when having sex to protect both themselves and their partners from both unwanted scenarios. Our knowledge in pregnancy and STD prevention leaves us with no excuse to not use birth control.

We have come too far in the control of our bodies and lives to leave such an important life event such as pregnancy up to fate. Doctors and parents should teach young people about sex and birth control so they do not go into sex without being armed with the knowledge of how to protect themselves.

Perhaps our license plates should read, "Choose Birth Control."


* * * * *

Auto repair classes needed in schools

I am 15 years old. I go to Heritage High School. I think they should bring auto/body shop back into school.

America needs mechanics.

Now, we have professionals, but maybe if high schoolers start working on cars now, then they could possibly be better than professionals.

Her is an example: My dad, Stacey D. Roberts, was going to give me his 1985 Buick Regal. He was a good teacher, but he is disabled. The Regal had a Camaro 350 engine and it tore up and got sent to the crusher. Now, if there was a body shop in my school, then I could have taken it into my own hands and possibly have fixed it.

My stepdad, Rick McMurray, has taught me a lot by letting me help him on the Torino and GMC.

RONNIE CARL ROBERTS, 9th Grade Heritage High School, Ringgold, Ga.

* * * * *

State politicians need to get with it

Sometimes I wonder about the good sense and sanity of some of the Tennessee state politicos, especially the ones who push for new rules concerning subjects that are none of their business, like the one guy who sponsored a bill aimed at folks who use bathrooms.

Since when is it a crime or misdemeanor to use the wrong bathroom?

Don't these people have anything else to do except stick their long noses in everyone life?

Another do-gooder, David Fowler, is pushing for a stupid rule that is so inane and off the beaten track it is laughable, that no school kids should ever know about gays.

That's life, you know.

You should be trying to better the life of those who are suffering in this state and the country from lack of food, housing and jobs.

Get real and do something for the people of this state, like find jobs, food for the starving and shelter for the lost.

If you guys are Christians in every sense of the word, you are sadly mistaken.

BILL BUCKLEY, Ringgold, Ga.

* * * * *

Stop the money merry-go-round

The U.S. government is borrowing billions of dollars in order to finance a war against the Taliban in Afghanistan.

The U.S. government also is borrowing billions of dollars to give to Pakistan.

The military in Pakistan is using our money to finance the Taliban.

It is time to stop all of the above.